Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks LAM!!!

Recently, I was the lucky winner of a giveaway on LAM's Blog.

Lynn is a fabulous quilter (and weaver and basket maker among other talents). I love her work, so of course I was thrilled to see what this book that she sent had in store for me.

These projects seem perfect for me. It contains a wide variety of looks and techniques in projects that are small enough that I'm not totally intimidated.

Thanks Lynn for the book! You all know that I will definitely blog about it when I make something from this book....but you also know that sometimes my project incubation phase is long!

Visit Amazon for more about the book.


Delighted Hands said...


Evelyn said...

What a great prize! We will be looking forward to the projects.

Leigh said...

Wow, Sue. Congratulations! Looks like a great book with good projects.