Saturday, May 26, 2012

Red Camo Hat

In February, Main Street Art held their first annual Knit In.

They provided a meeting place, yarn (including donated yarn from Riverslea Farm), knitting patterns, camaraderie and excellent snacks from private sources and the Newfields General Store.

The drop-in knitters provided our labor and good company.

From those ingredients, this red camo hat was created.

Inspiration & Motivation:
What I liked about this project:
  • Knitting in good company for a good cause
  • It really is possible to knit a hat in a day
  • It's a luxury when some one else makes all the decisions on a project for me
  • I actually started and finished a project within unusual for me!
What I'd do differently next time:
  • I didn't use Riverslea yarn which bums me out because I'm curious about what it's like to work with
  • I didn't set aside as much of that day as I'd have I had hat homework!
  • Something about the decreases at the top of this pattern doesn't sit well with me.
  • I messed up, and forgot to make the "turn up" row, where instead of rib, it's a row of all knit. Ooops!!

Needles: US 7 double-pointed bamboo needles
Yarn: Takhi yarn from the 1980's, probably Takhi tweed of some sort
Pattern: Camo Hat by Merri Fromm from Blue Sky Alpacas Pattern Leaflet: Traveler's Series

Have you noticed that you can sing "Red Camo Hat" to the tune of "Red Solo Cup"? (For some reason, that song is such an earworm for me....maddening! Luckily I didn't name this hat til I was done knitting, or I would have been singing that song in my head the whole time!)

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Friday, May 25, 2012

M&M Cookies

In the mood for a bit of baking over the weekend?

These cookies with mini M&M's are shockingly, seriously good!! I just had to share!


I am knitting up a storm, so hopefully I'll be blogging about that soon too!