Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Knitting a Cowl

During a moment of panic while I was weaving my First Time at WEBS Scarves, I believed more yarn was the answer. I stopped at Hub Mills Store in Lowell to pick up a few balls of yarn that went with that warp.
Later, I realized I didn't need that extra yarn for that project after all.
So I wanted to find something beautiful on ravelry to make with this ball of yarn.

I put my started knitting projects in one place recently when I was cleaning up for houseguests. I realized I should finish something! This cowl project seemed like it would be quick and easy, plus the yarn is soft and gorgeous.

Goals for this project:
  • Use this extra ball of yarn
  • Make a cowl that's pretty and warm

Pattern: Lush-ious Swirl Cowl by Linda Frydl
Yarn: Princess by Classic Elite, Color 3432 (Majesty's Magenta)


Maggie said...

What is it about the new year that makes us want to finish old stuff and use up neglected yarn? I have some cashmere/silk in just about the color of your cowl, and your post has made my fingers itchy to go do something with it.

Theresa said...

Aren't you brave putting all those UFO's in one place!
Pretty cowl. Enjoy your company....give em something to knit! ;)

Delighted Hands said...

I am sending you some serious finishitus! The new knitting is gorgeous-the weather will help you keep on track to finish it!

Anonymous said...

The cowl will be luscious - great looking yarn and pattern. What are the other projects hiding in all those bags?

Sharon said...

I'm just starting to use Ravelry even though I've been on a for a while. It's a powerful tool, and I love the color you're knitting.

Lois Evensen said...

Very pretty. I've been using small amounts of yarn lately, too. It feels so good to put it to good use.