Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Going Stag

Mr. LifeLoomsLarge might be a bit hard to shop for.

This year, I made the perfect gift.....completely out of recycled materials!!

Behold the cardboard deerhead, perfect for any man cave!

I printed and cut out templates (modifying the end of the antlers to make it easier for me to cut). Since I had lots of cardboard boxes around, I traced the templates on box pieces, then cut them out using scissors and an Exacto knife.

Putting the deer together was a snap. (I did cut thinner slots to fit the whole thing together, since the templates were created for foam core.)

For hanging, I just threaded a needle and put a piece of cottolin yarn (or string would be fine) through the two vertical pieces of cardboard on the back of the deer neck.

I can't help but think of other animals I could make!!

I'm so bad at keeping gifts secret, that as soon as I finished it, I gave it to Mr. LLL in a box so he could open it and laugh.

For more inspiration, templates, and how-to tips:

By the book

Plain cardboard version


Delighted Hands said...

What an excellent idea!
Very nice to hear from you-I almost fell out of my computer chair when I saw you had posted-lol

Trust all is well.

Sara said...

Oh, that is adorable!!!

Theresa said...

Hey, you've dropped back in! Good to hear from you and what a nifty gift. I can see a whole ig game collection growing out of those walls. Now, really, you need to knit little mittens to hang off the antlers dont ya think?
Big hugs, you have been missed!

ladyoftheloom said...

I know Mr. Lady would LOVE one of these.

I also need to get my blog back up and running instead of vegetating as it has been....

Marsel said...

Very cool! I am the same way you are about giving gifts...I find it SO hard to wait.

So good to 'see' you!

bspinner said...

Wonderful!!!! Much nicer than the real ones I have on my living room walls.

karina nielsen rios, copenhagen, denmark said...

This is nice.
I really would like to try that too.

kreativa said...

Der Elch ist superklasse!! Liebe Grüße von Ate