Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wake Up Call

Yesterday morning, when I was walking down the stairs, I noticed a weird brown thing in our yard.

I can't believe it was a fox!!!!

Scratching its neck

Getting up

Shaking his head, just like Bailey does


Gotta stretch those back legs too

Ready for the day

Heading out

We watched it for about 10 minutes, when it finally got up and trotted away. During that time, several cars passed on the road (about 50 feet in front of the fox). It would pick up its head and look around when that happened, but then puts its head back down.

It was 18° F (-8° C) while we watched the fox. I would never have guessed that a fox would sleep out in the open like that. We watched from slightly before 7 a.m. until about 7:10. The sun was up the whole time.

Sorry that I've included some blurry photos....This was pretty much at the limit of what my camera and lens could do in that limited light through the window into the sun.

It was just so cool to see a fox wake up for the day. A lot of his actions, like the stretching and shaking his head, totally remind me of what Bailey does when he wakes up.

On New Year's Day, Acorn to Oak asked if I had any fox photos yet. Finally, I can say YES!


Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! That's so cool! The fox is so pretty! How lucky that you not only got to see him, but watch him for 10 minutes and get pictures! Thanks for sharing! :-)

Cindie said...

He (or she) is beautiful! I hope the fox sticks around so you can listen to it at night when you have the windows open in nice weather, they make a beautiful sound.

Ate said...

Wunderbare Bilder. Bei uns sind auch -6 Grad Celsius in der Nacht und ich habe vor ein paar Tagen gegen Mitternacht einen Fuchs im Garten in unserer Großstadt gehabt, aber der rannte weg, da er per Bewegungsmelder die Außenbeleuchtung ausgelöst hatte. Liebe Grüße von Ate

Delighted Hands said...

What a treasure of a glimpse-he is just beautiful!

Valerie said...

We have foxes around us too. However, we have been told to suspect rabies if they are not extremely shy.

If he's healthy, he will help keep the rodent population down.

Hilary said...

wow, awesome shots.......what a cool opportunity!!!

Theresa said...

Oh how fun! What a handsome fellow too. Once I got to watch 3 fox cubs playing in a field for the better part of an hour, until Mom came and fetched them. Isn't it a wonderful feeling to get more than just a glimpse of such a special little creature?

Dottie said...

Wow - just SUCH a treat for you and for your friends, too! Thank you for the photos - they catch the essence of this fox's wake-up!

Deanna said...

That is so neat, and so wonderful that you caught it! Congrats!

R.L. Delight said...

Beatiful! I have never seen a fox in the wilds in person. I think I would be torn between getting the camera or my sketchbook! Thanks so much for sharing!

Meg said...

Just like in the docos.

Sharon said...

Wow, that was fantastic!!!!!