Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Cathedral Rock

We're still not done with Bell Rock. Luckily our hotel was very close by!

This morning we started out with an early hike partway up Bell Rock. Because we got up early, there are fewer people out and we got to see wildlife - a bunny!

We almost never see bunnies back home. We see deer, foxes, coyotes, fishers, and porcupines more than bunnies.

Here's the morning view from a large flat section of Bell Rock. There are a few people here meditating on the rock.

Our real goal for the morning is to hike around Cathedral Rock.

We check out the maps at the trail head, and head out.

Part of the hike follows Oak Creek.

We get to see some fabulous views of Cathedral Rock.

But today it's our turn to get lost. The trail doesn't seem to be looping back the way we'd expect it to.

Luckily for us, we spot another couple hiking, and they're familiar enough with the area to tell us that the trail we're on will not loop back to where we parked. Guess we should have brought our GPS!

We turn back and find our way out the way we came in. On the way, a group of guys asks us if we made it around Cathedral Rock on the trail. We had to say no....so we weren't the only ones confused.

It was still a beautiful hike.

En route to Phoenix, we visited Sharlot Hall Museum in Prescott to see their memorable collections of Hopi baskets, early vehicles, and Arizona buildings.

There's always so much to see in Arizona. This trip was the third time we' ve been there together, and we always find more that we want to see next time! Wish we lived closer!

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