Friday, December 5, 2008

My Kind of Birding

First, let me say what type of birding I don't like.....that would be the get up early, tramp about looking for vaguely recognizable tiny birds that I have trouble seeing, and it only gets worse if there's cold, wind, snow or mud involved.

I guess what I like is easy views of big obvious birds in nice weather. A fair-weather birder am I!

We heard via the NH Birds email list, that there was a Snowy Owl hanging around in Rye, NH. So we figured out on a map where birders were reporting the bird, and drove over. We literally saw a birder with binoculars before we even got to the beach road, and looked up. There was our Snowy Owl, perched on a roof surveying the scene.

We noticed that the bird remained calm when people were in vehicles, but people outside cars sometimes spooked it. I took that as a sign that I could hang out in the car with my binoculars, newspaper and knitting. (Did I mention that I'm an easily distracted birder?)

A school bus unloading caused it to launch itself from the roof.

As the sun set, before 4 pm since it's December in NH, the owl seemed to be watching an open patch of ground rather intently.

Fun afternoon! Thanks Jim, for the great pictures!!!

(I was inspired by my loom purchase to start this blog, but I have a few adventures from before the loom that I want to post also. Hopefully that's not cheating!!)

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Anonymous said...

Great photos! Makes me want to rush over there to take a look myself.