Friday, December 12, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Trees are coated. Power lines are coated. Branches are down. Power is out.

PSNH, our local utility, says 250,000 of their 500,000 customers are without power - the most customers ever without power here.

In 1998, the last bad ice storm in NH, there were 55,000 customers without power. That was a bad storm (although we had power - and storms never seem as bad when you have power.)

We're OK so far. Only a few branches down - and the top of one poplar tree - in our back yard. Plus we turned on the generator for a bit this morning to get the house up to the high 60's since it was dipping down to 50 or so in here.

Now it's a race between the ice on the trees melting, and the wind that is predicted to start gusting later today. It's 34 here, and finally sunny, so I'm rooting for the ice to melt!!

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