Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My Eyes were Bigger than My Stomach

Isn't that the saying when you enthusiastically decide to eat a large meal, but find that you can't eat the whole thing?

I almost had the loom/car equivalent happen yesterday - 2.5 hours from home I purchased a previously owned loom, dismantled it, and when it was time to fit it in the car, it looked pretty dicey for a time.

The loom is a Toika Liisa countermarch loom with a 59" weaving width. We thought it dismantled into a pile of sticks and string - but the two sides of the loom are pegged and glued at the factory for sturdiness. This is good, except it means that the sides are harder to fit into the car.

The Toika booklet that came with the loom says the loom fits into a standard (1970's vintage) station wagon, with 2 pieces strapped to the roof. Well, we conveniently didn't notice the "strapped to the roof" section until we were fully committed to bringing the loom home.

Here's the loom assembled in the previous owner's home. The dimensions are approximately 59" deep, 71" wide and 60" tall.

This side section (shown in my basement) was the culprit - which had us contemplating removing the rear door of my car, renting a truck, giving up on the loom.....

Here are the exact stats on the side section - so some future lucky Toika purchaser won't face the same car stress that I did! The side section measures 60" total height, 37" tall in the two vertical end pieces, 50" wide and 2" thick. That bottom 37 x 50" section was hard to fit into the car.

After a little finagling (or a lot), it made it! Luckily the bench dismantles too.

So we headed home with the loom safely stowed and cushioned in the back of the car.

Let the countermarch weaving adventures begin!!

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