Friday, April 23, 2010

Colors of April

There's still time for us to share the colors of our world this month!!

Each month, I love to see pictures of your local colors around the world.

To join in, just add a link to your colorful blog post in the list below. The list is from LinkyTools, the new name for the MckLinky lists I've used in the past. (Bonus points if you tell us where the pictures were taken!!)

Also, please add a link back to this post in your blog so your visitors can come here to see the other entries!

Sorry about my unexpected and unannounced blog hiatus. The suddenly warm and early spring somehow hijacked all of my blogging mojo. We've been gardening up a storm, and just generally playing outside.

I am sure I'll spend more time at my computer and with all of you as I get used to nice weather again! I miss you and thanks for checking on me!!


Theresa said...

Good to hear from you and what great pictures. I guess in 8 hours I'll leave early spring and come to early summer. Sounds like a plan!

Anonymous said...

Sue, I'm glad to hear from you too and know how great it's to be outdoors especially at springtime. I love looking at everyone's photos, thank you!


Synnøve. said...

Its always nice to look in to you.
Like your flowerpictures verry much.
Here the spring isnt so far gone yeat. But we are speeding up hihi.
Maybe Il try to join the colors....
Il have to read a bit about it.

Hugs from Digernes.

bspinner said...

Great pictures especially the one of the bea.

Jennifer said...

This pictures are amazing - i can see why you are spending so much time outside!!!! Enjoy!

Tina T-P said...

Hi Sue - Reporting in from the Pacific NW here - looks like your area is starting to "catch up" to our early springtime colors - Glad you are enjoying working in your garden. T.

charlotte said...

Beautiful pictures, as always! You're posts were missed!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue - welcome back! It's been so nice outside lately, the blogging has been on the back burner at my house too!! I'm trying to get inspired to start posting again... but it seems the garden is calling more loudly than the blog right now :)

Janet said...

Hi Sue - I've done my colours of April - this time from Dublin. I had trouble though linking to Mr. McLinky.

Leigh said...

Hi Sue. I'm glad you're okay. Outside and garden are the best of reasons for not blogging! I'll be interested in everyone's April colors. Like you, we've got so much blooming. I love the color this time of year.

sheilabythebeach said...

Your photography just gets better and better. Thanks for the eye candy and glad you are enjoying the outdoors!
Not doing much blogging myself, time to catch up I guess.

Annie said...

As usual I loved your photos. I so enjoy these 'colour of the month' pictures from everywhere. Thanks for organising this.