Thursday, April 1, 2010

Welcome April!

Each month, I take photos to show color combinations outdoors where I live, to get inspiration for weaving, knitting, quilting, or whatever you'd like to be inspired to do!

Big thanks to everyone who shared some colors of their own.

The Colors of March

From North to South (near as I can figure):

Charlotte of Strikke - Og Vevebloggen in Norway

Sandra of Foxwood Lane in Thompson Valley, British Columbia

Evelyn Oldroyd
in British Columbia

Nina from Odette's Obsessions in Ontario, Canada

Tina from A Blip of the Radar in Bellingham, Washington

Janet's Thread
in Seattle, Washington

Paloma Chaffinch in Suffolk, England

Annie from Weaverannie Knits and Spins in the Netherlands

Holly from Honeysuckle Loom in Washington state

Jenny at Daisy Hill Weaving Studio in Charlevoix, Michigan

Jenny's pictures on the shore of Lake Michigan

Mike in NH's Colors of the Connecticut River Valley, in western New Hampshire

Sara, the Fabric n Fiber Fanatic in New Hampshire

My Colors of March in New Hampshire

Theresa at Camp Runamuck in Oregon

Basically Benita in Indiana

Sharon In Stitches in Nevada

Maggie of A Sweet Thread in Knoxville, Tennessee

Leigh at 5 Acres & a Dream in the Carolinas

Rascal in Rascal's World which looks oddly similar to Leigh's world

Jennifer from Finding the Real Me in South Carolina

Delighted Hands in Florida

Leisurely Lesley in Victoria, Australia

After what seems like a month of rain and high water in New Hampshire, we're having an unusually sunny and warm weekend.

I'll be posting a call for the colors of April in the middle of the month, so keep your cameras ready to capture colors where you live (or travel)!!

Happy April!

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Lois Evensen said...

What lovely colors, especially the purple crocus in the last image.

Lois in Cincinnati

Anonymous said...

You have really captured the fantastic colours in the crocus. Love looking at all the links, Thank you!

Theresa said...

And my you really have rallied a lot of bloggers to share their colors every month! Yours look beautiful and from all the wet reports coming from the NE, you certainly need a little sunshine...more than a little.
Glad to see you back blogging, and yes, Gene is feeling better. Must have been the blanket. ;-)

Jennifer said...

It is so impressive how many people are playing the game! It's great fun! The crosus are quite beautiful!

Delighted Hands said...

Color! Love looking at all the links-thanks!

Julie said...

I just love spring flowers and yours are so pretty! We are still getting snow here!

Benita said...

I love this series you are doing on your site! I an't wait until mid month when I get to take more pictures for April!

charlotte said...

Lovely flowers and great picures!

Marsel said...

I love the crocus...I need to plant some of those this year, no more procrastinating! :)

I took pictures on Wednesday to share last-minute for March but then I forgot to actually post them :/ ...I am going to try again in April!

Judy said...

Thanks for the photos of the beautiful flowers!

Julie said...

Oh the flowers are lovely!

Acorn to Oak said...

The purple veins and bright orange centers of the flowers in the top picture are awesome!

Deanna said...

Ever since I started following your color photo projects, I've been noticing color everywhere, and wishing I had my camera with me. :-) Thank you for the heightened awareness!

Deanna MacCrone Johnson said...

Ping! Are you okay, Sue? I miss your posts!

Leigh said...

Sue, is everything okay? We haven't heard from you in awhile and I'm feeling a little worried about you.

Life Looms Large said...

Hi guys!!

Sorry for being so uncharacteristically quiet lately!!

Hopefully I'll be back at my computer, and blogging away happily more now!! Everything is fine here....just busy!