Sunday, May 2, 2010

Welcome May!

Red Trillium

April colors have been inspiring to many of us!! Thanks to everyone who participated in the Colors of April challenge!


And of course, May is also beautiful and colorful. I'll be back mid-month to post the May challenge. Feel free to start taking photos now!!!

Beech leaves - is there a more beautiful green anywhere?

I'm blogging from my porch. Gotta love that!!! It's warm out and by some miracle the bugs haven't found their way here yet, so we don't even need screens!!! That will change very soon I am sure. Meanwhile, I totally love this early spring that we've been treated to this year!

Beech Grove

Here are the colors of April, through the eyes (and cameras) of the bloggers who joined in the April challenge:

Nina from Odette's Obsessions in Ontario

Flowers From Lois' Hands in the Midwest

Theresa from Camp Runamuck in Oregon

Fun with Fiber
in Pennsylvania

Tina from A Blip on the Radar in Bellingham, Washington

Charlotte from Strikke- Og Vevebloggen in Norway

Basically Benita
in Indiana

Deep End of the Loom in Florida

Caroline from Like Square Polka Dots in the US (somewhere vaguely on the East coast)

Leigh from 5 Acres & a Dream in South Carolina

Janet from Janet's Thread on a visit to Dublin

Valerie from Valerie's Fiberewetopia in Michigan

Jennifer from Finding the Real Me in South Carolina

Sandra from Foxwood Lane in British Columbia

Lynn from LAM's Blog in Washington

Paloma Chaffinch in England

Weaverannie Knits and Spins with pictures of Dutch tulip fields & a few from Provence

Sharon from In Stitches in Nevada

Quite Contrary in England

Evelyn Oldroyd in British Columbia

Enjoy the beautiful blue skies of May!!! Thanks for joining in the colors of April challenge!

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Synnøve. said...

Nice pictures once again.
Where exactly do you live?

Il hope everything is going alrtight whit you and that you not are affected by the vulcano on Iceland.
Here there is problems whit the flights.
But that the only thing we are affected of.

Wish you a pleasent evening, (its evening here).
Spring hugs from Norway.

skiingweaver said...

Oh, I adore Trilium! Lovely pictures, as always!

Lois Evensen said...


Blogging from the front porch is so lovely and NO BUGS makes it even nicer. We live in Cincinnati now, but also owned a home in Norway for awhile. When I first went there I was pleased to find no screens when it was warm enough to open the windows because it go too cold for the bugs to survive through the winter and come back the next Spring.

The early spring greens in your images are beautiful. :)

Very best,

Sharon said...

It's gorgeous there - thanks for sharing your world and encouraging us to do the same. I've enjoyed these posts very much.

Anonymous said...

It's a rainy, stormy morning here in southeastern PA and I was happy to look at all the beautiful spring photos, so uplifting and a joy to look at. Thank you, Sue, and thank you to all the bloggers who contributed!

Eva :)

Julie said...

Like always the pictures are just beautiful. I sure wish it would get warm and stay warm here. We have warm weather one day and then the next day it snows, you just gotta love Utah!