Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colors of June

Mountain Laurel

June is a beautiful month in New Hampshire. Sunny days, green grass, flowers, many colors, activities and sensations that I dream of through the long cold winter.

Hay Field

I invite all of you to show us the colors of June wherever you are this month!! Not only are your pictures providing inspiration for creative projects, they're also providing a glimpse into your world.


Shade Garden

Please add a link to your colorful post in the list below before July 1 to participate!


Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy the fabulousness of June!


Lois Evensen said...

Your June colors are so pretty! I will be getting my June colors ready to share with you here. :)

Meg in Nelson said...

In replay to your comment on ArgoKnot, well, you do live in a fanta-bulous place, so why not enjoy summer while you have it?

Life Looms Large said...

Lois - Glad to hear you're getting your June colors ready!

Meg - Good point....I am enjoying summer so far! I do miss weaving though. I know I'll get back to it in the fall, and maybe before then!


Sharon said...

Wherever you are - hmmmm. Might be tempted to take my snaps here in Oregon this year. I can't imagine Nevada will be very interesting.

Valerie said...

Roses! I love your roses. We don't really have a good place for roses. There's one by the front door, but it is hanging on for dear life against the hot brick wall.

Colleen said...

Beautiful flowers - I love the Mountain Laurel!! Looking forward to seeing everyone's Colors of June as folks link up!
:) Colleen

Delighted Hands said...

I don't think I have ever seen a mt laurel-very pretty. I will try to play this month-the computer died last month and I missed the chance (I waited til the last minute, too!)

Synnøve. said...

So nice to see June whit you.
Il wish that you could se the weather here today.
Its almost like its autumm.
Its stormy, rainy and the wind os howling aroud the house....
And its could as well...9 degress only.

The flower foxgloves is called rävabjelle here. Its beatufull.
Know Il going to make me a nice cup of coffee. And sitt back and listen to the rain against the windows.
Hugs from Norway.

Theresa said...

Great pictures, I almost feel I'm there. The Mountain Laurel is spectacular!

Nina said...

I've never seen a Mountain Laurel before. It's really gorgeous! I love the shadows in the hay field. Wonderful colours for June.

Leigh said...

Beautiful! Interesting how we can have the same point of view about June colors, but the reality of them can be so different. Really makes this challenge fun.

Annie said...

Just in time to enter my June colours! Now to find time to look at other blogs!

Tina T-P said...

I just love mountain Laurel - the flowers look like little porcelain bells. Thanks for sharing :-) T.