Monday, June 7, 2010

Welcome June!

May almost slipped by without time for the Colors of May challenge, but even though I posted it on the last weekend of the month, lots of you found time to post pictures of the beauty of May in your part of the world.

Thanks for participating!! I'm already shooting pictures for the Colors of June, so expect a call to post your colors soon!

Small pink roses

Here are the colors of May, through the eyes (and cameras) of the bloggers who joined in the May challenge:

Lois From Lois' Hands takes a walk in Key West, Florida

Valerie from Fiberewetopia celebrates flowers and graduation in Michigan

Nina from Odette's Obsessions with a great variety of natural colors in Ontario

Sharon from In Stitches with a surprising variety of natural colors in Nevada

Annie from Weaverannie Knits and Spins in the Netherlands with beautiful colors in her garden

Tina from A Blip on the Radar in Washington with beautiful colors from her garden and other adventures

Leisurely Lesley reminds us that in Australia May is the beginning of autumn

Leigh of 5 Acres & A Dream shows the colorful fruits of her labor in her new home in South Carolina

Cally from t'katch in Scotland with a garden mosaic and slideshow

Basically Benita in Indiana with pottery, architecture and flowers

Jenny from Daisy Hill Weaving Studio in Michigan with wildflowers, butterflies and other garden goings-on

Evelyn Oldroyd with photos from her travels throughout British Columbia

Janet from Janet's Thread visited Hong Kong this month

Quite Contrary in England with a beautiful garden


I hope you're enjoying a beautiful June!!! Thanks for joining in the colors of May challenge!

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Delighted Hands said...

A good reason not to procrastinate-you never know when your computer is going to crash! Loved checking out everyone's entries tho, thanks for compiling the links!

Acorn to Oak said...

Such pretty pinks! :-)

Sharon said...

Thanks Sue. I think that was the most interesting and diverse group of participants yet. What great fun!

Synnøve. said...

Nice photos. Roses are so nice to have in the garden.
The other is called Pion in Norway and Sweden, but i dont know the english name for it.

Where did may go?
Hope June will stay whit us a bit longer hihi.
Hugs from a Norway.

Julie said...

Pretty! We only had the color of white (snow) in May but my flowers are finally blooming!

Charlotte said...

Ooh very pretty - I like the pink roses very much. Have a good June!

Anonymous said...

Lots of pretty photos from everyone, as always!! I've been terrible about keeping up with my blogging and my commenting lately - but I have been keeping up with reading posts, so I'm not totally out of the loop!! Hopefully as Summer arrives, I'll get my blogging enthusiasm back... especially since there are so many beautiful and interesting things to take photos of this time of year!
:) Colleen