Thursday, September 16, 2010

Designing Double Weave Pickup

As part of my double weave sampler, I really wanted to try double weave pickup.

One of my local weaving friends has a reversible piece that her mother wove using this technique. I find it fascinating.

My first step was to design the chart that I'll use to create the reversible, decorative section of my sampler.

Since my yarn is red and white, the two ideas that pop into my head are the Japanese flag, or some hearts.

Since I have heart-shaped cookie cutters, the hearts win! (Plus, then I don't have to try to achieve a perfect circle!)

When it's time to turn the heart shapes into a grid, the book I'm following (Double Weave by Palmy Weigle) suggests graph paper.

At first I like that idea, but then I think about erasing, mistakes, wanting extra copies and my laptop beckons, as usual.

I remember that Deanna and I had a conversation in her blog about different ways to design grids on the computer. She had lots of great suggestions including:

Using Fiberworks PCW
(Levels above bronze)
Drawing a grid with Adobe Photoshop
Creating a design grid in Microsoft Excel

After I poke around and these ideas, I make a mental note to look into upgrading to the Silver version of Fiberworks PCW after my deadline madness is over.

I'll give graph paper a shot.

Surprisingly, it isn't that bad. I just trace the cookie cutters onto the paper with yellow pencil. Then make my outlines more grid-like using a regular pencil.

I had imagined tons of erasing and messiness. But after the first heart was worked out, the others were smooth sailing.

In the end, I scanned my design into the computer. That way I can print it out and change it, or mark it up without losing my original.

Sometimes, graph paper isn't so bad!!

When you design double weave pickup, what method do you like the best?

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HUGE thanks to all of the folks who responded so quickly to my plea for help!! Thanks to you I did complete the sampler in time for my deadline this week. Now I want to get my blog caught up too!


Cindie Kitchin eweniquely ewe said...

Oh, isn't double weave pick-up fun! I love doing it but haven't done any in a while. I've woven several big pieces that hang in the hallway to the studio and in my sewing room, not to mention in others houses too. I also use graph paper, works well for me. One year, around 15 years ago, I wove all my Christmas cards in double weave pick-up - what was I thinking! I did a dove in a heart in red and white.

Marion B. said...

It looks like fun and I should give it a try ........ but till then I'll enjoy your work ;-)

Theresa said...

Great job! I haven't done DW pick-up, but when I need a primer, I'll know where to go. Can't WAIT to see the finished piece.

Maggie said...

I'm warping my double weave sampler today. I'll be back reading about your progress soon!

Anonymous said...

I wonder how Photoshop would work? Haven't done this kind of DW pickup in so long.

Delighted Hands said...

Very impressive! So glad you made your deadline!

Lois Evensen said...

Wow, so pretty! I don't weave, but just love watching what you make.


Terri said...

I like to listen to Podcasts when I dress my loom and I was just listening to an old WeaveCast episode where Doubleweaver Jennifer Moore was interviewed.

Have fun with your project. I'll be checking your progress.

Annie said...

For my designs I often use a cross stitch pattern maker on the computer, but for dw pick up the patterns usually are pretty small and I use graph paper.