Wednesday, January 12, 2011

DPS: Best of 2010

That was so last year!

This week at Digital Photography School, we're challenged to choose our favorite photos of 2010. At first I thought I might have to look through trip photos and other unblogged photos.

But, being efficient (or lazy), I chose photos from my blog entries for 2010. To my surprise, I found some favorites, often chosen from the Colors of the Month posts.

Tree in Winter at Odiorne State Park

Island reflection

I'm surprised this was shot in the winter, although I guess the snow should give me a clue. It would be a better photo if I could have avoided that chain link fence. Or used photoshop to clean it up.


Even though I shot this photo in too much sunlight, it still reminds me of summer. Maybe next year I'll time it better so I have softer light. (I'm still learning to pay attention to light when I take photos. Other photographers are way ahead of me on that!)


Every year, one of my favorite photos is of the hydrangea in our back yard.

Clements Mountain, Glacier National Park, Montana

Clements Mountain is a "horn" formed by 3 or more glaciers eroding different sides of the mountain. The Grand Teton, the Matterhorn and Mt. Blanc are other famous horns.

Milkweed pod

In 2011, I hope to include more favorite photos so that my year end wrap-up gives me even tougher choices!

I'm also mulling over the idea of a Glimpses of the Month feature, similar to the Colors of the Month from last year so that I'll be sure to take and share photos of beautiful or interesting things each month. I've already taken some January shots for it, so it will probably pop up within a week or so.

Snow Note: Yesterday I speculated that we'd get big snow today, and sure enough, we're at 16 inches and counting. Fortunately, yesterday I got to feel the crunch of pine needles and frozen dirt trails under my boots on our daily walk. I may have to wait a few months to feel that again. Meanwhile, it's great snowshoe weather!


LA said...

The island reflection is my favorite picture in that group. I find it very relaxing! You out-did us on the snow accumulation! Our snow is finally melting off!!!

Sharon said...

I thought about you today as I drove into town and listened to NPR news. Areas in NH were recording 4" an hour in snow fall!

I love all your photos, but the island reflection speaks to me. The wall paper in Ian's computer is a reflection shot I took on a trip in Oregon. I saw it and jammed on the brakes for a turnout so I could snap it. I shot it out the driver's window. It's one of my favorite shots.

I love the world of imagery that digital photography has made readily available to the plebeian.

Theresa said...

And cross country skiing too! Love the photos, all of them. I'm surprised that lovely wharf building didn't make the cut, the mustard colored one that hangs out over the water. I guess that was my favorite! ;)
Love the winter shots but esp. the pine branch and mitts. How pretty a composition! And who wouldn't love the shots at Glacier. A spectacular place.
Stay warm and mind Bailey's toys. Nothing worse than a dog who's lost his favorite toy in deep snow. Ask me how I know this! ;)

Marsel said...

You photos are always so gorgeous that they make me feel the itch to get a 'real' camera and learn some real photography!!!

Here in north Georgia we are encased in a world of ice over has been fun but we're about ready for you northerners to take it back now. :)

Kelly said...

My favorites are the lone tree in the snow and the milkweed pod! Hope you are warm and dry!

bspinner said...

I love the photo of the milkweed pod!!! Looks so real!!

Delighted Hands said...

Tree in winter is the winner for me.........beautiful one and all! I like the idea of monthly highlights!

Leigh said...

Beautiful photos Sue. Your DPS projects have been truly inspirational.

Nice you're prepared for all that snow! I should get some snowshoes for the rare times like this winter when they're needed. They'd definitely make a walk in the woods a lot more fun.

Julie said...

I don't think I could choose a favorite they all are just beautiful. We just keep on getting more snow and it hasn't gotten above freezing in over a week so it just doesn't melt!

Lois Evensen said...

My goodness, those are all such great photos. It's fun to go back and look at photos over the past year, isn't it. I found the same while saving my blog pages.

Very best,

Maggie said...

They're all so beautiful, but I love the hydrangea the best. Stay warm and dry, and don't try to drive anywhere!