Thursday, January 20, 2011


This month's photo mission: Lights

On Christmas Eve, we photographed Christmas lights. It does take a tripod to make night photos come out unblurry....which is sad because I feel weird out in the dark photographing other people's lights. It would be more fun for me to just point and shoot without a tripod.

The Edgewood Centre, in Portsmouth, had beautiful displays, ample I captured this photograph of a gazebo that's one of my favorites. (I have a long-standing love affair with gazebos...and would love to have one, or even regular access to one. I think they are so cool!)

I'm happy that I walked around some during this photo shoot. When I use a tripod, I often just plunk myself and my camera in one spot and fire away. Since I'm not really good at imagining what the photos will look like, I benefit from moving around and trying different angles. I need to remember that next time I use my tripod!

Masonic Temple, Portsmouth, NH

Jim's photo of the Masonic Temple came out much nicer than mine because he went across the street for this photo. I was too close to the building, so my shot came out weirdly diagonal and obscured by tree branches. Even if I can't see things as well at night, it seems like my camera can.

Monday night was the last clear evening for this week, so we went out for an early evening photo shoot even though it was 12 F (-11.11 C). I had spotted a few interesting lights in Exeter, NH that I wanted to photograph.

These cool stars were in the window of Trends Gift Gallery. I photographed them from across the street, with my tripod stuck in a snowbank. I didn't even notice until I got home that there was writing on the window in front of the stars. Plus I didn't zoom in from enough angles to photograph my favorites....Lessons learned!

Finally I took a few photos of the stained glass window at First Baptist Church of Exeter built in 1876. How did I get the artistic slant of this photo? The front leg of my tripod was stuck in a snowbank.

If it weren't for the monthly photo assignment, I wouldn't have taken any of these light photos. I'm glad I did because it helped me appreciate beautiful things around me more, and I used the gazebo photo for a Christmas e-card. (Plus, for my Christmas greeting on this blog.)

I wonder what the assignment will be next month!


Sara said...

Those are gorgeous photos...I love them...

I too have a love affair with gazebos...I don't know what it is about them...but, I love them...

LA said...

Great photos!!! The hanging stars are my favorite, I have to admit!

Deanna said...

I love the Cornucopia shop window picture - enchanting!

Synnøve. said...

Hello my friend.
About those gazebos, Il think they are in every little town in the USA.
For example, in Gilmore Girls....
Thats when I feel in love whit one.
The one the have in the tv series looks just like the one on Your pictures.
Nice and it gives me christmasfeelings once over again...

Nice picturers from you.

Il hope you are well.
We are just getting better from the flue we gott just before christmas. It ended whit a could.

Now Il wish you a nice weekend.
Im working to nights know so Il have a wonderful weekend hihi.

Hugs from a verry cold Digernes. Minus 18 degrees celsius right know.

Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful pics; I especially like the stars and stained glass. I stand in the back yard where 'someday' a gazebo will live!

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful assignment and beautiful photos. Stained glass windows are also known as "lead lights" (as in the metal lead)

Leigh said...

I can see how the assignments are really helpful. It's neat to have to look at the world in a whole new light (so to speak!) Beautiful photos Sue!