Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hamming It Up

Bailey's version of our plant photo-shoot:

I'm not really in the mood to have my picture taken.

I will not make eye contact unless you have treats in your hand.

Oh, you don't want my want to photograph that fern?

I am so much cuter than any fern!

I'll just lie here next to you with my head out of the way so you can finish up with that fern! (Sue's knee in blue)

Nothing like some digging to reduce dog stress!

Now, time for some serious sleep on the cool tile!


Susan said...

Have you ever noticed that according to dogs the *best* place to lie and sleep is across any human walk way/ doorway?

Bailey sure is a handsome dog!
(But don't tell my terrier, Connor I said that!)

Sharon said...

I am such a sucker for a down-eared dog. They get me every time. Our house is now divided since we've been adopted by a Labrador. I'm on the down-eared dog side of this division, also the frog-laying side of the division.

bspinner said...

We don't have a dog so it's so much fun seeing your pictures of Bailey. He's one handsome dog.

Jennifer said...

Bailey is so great! And yes they want to have their picture taken. There's one blog I follow from Hebron, NY where he says photo and his dogs turn towards him and pose...

Delighted Hands said...

We had a lovely Brittany, Rufus, who raised our 4 young children-such a sweet gentle soul!

Anonymous said...

My dogs always have their heads in pictures taken outside - hams! Your baby is gorgeous.

Life Looms Large said...

Bailey appreciates all of your compliments! And looking at this post again makes me want to wake him up and play!! He's so cute most of the time!

Thanks for the blog link Jennifer - the dogs on that farm are beautiful - and the photography is beautiful too! Two things I'm a sucker for!

Good to know that the weaving world isn't only inhabited by cat lovers!


artemis said...

I'm in love with your dog!!!!