Monday, June 8, 2009

Summertime and the Weavin's Easy

A couple of learning opportunities for people interested in weaving, dyeing, photographing textiles, and batik are coming up this summer in New England.


NEWS, a regional weaving conference, has openings in classes about weaving, dyeing, photographing your work, and batik. The classes are July 10-12 (Fri - Sun) in Northampton, Massachusetts.

You can sign up for single day registration if you're just interested in one or two classes. The class list indicates which classes still have space available.

There will also be exhibits in the gallery show, the static fashion show (where garments are displayed, not modeled on the runway), and some special exhibits that are open to the public.

Plus, Northampton has all kinds of great weaving, knitting and felting addition to the vendors at you could get inspired, then go shopping!

I'll be attending the whole conference. I'd love to see you there!!

Woven Voices

If you want to give weaving a try, Sarah Haskell needs volunteers to weave for even just a few hours on her Woven Voices prayer flag project.

No experience is necessary, and weavers of all ages are welcome. (So far, I think the youngest weaver on this project was 5 years old.)

Sarah's studio is in York, Maine - a beautiful destination in the summer - so if you're looking for a free summertime weaving activity, visit Sarah's website to get in touch with her!

Although it's not officially summer yet, I wish you a wonderful summer full of whatever you love!


bspinner said...

Conferences are so much fun. You go to some amazing classes, meet new and old friends and check out the vendors. I envy you. What classes do you plan on taking?

Thanks for the information on the prayer flags. Interesting.

Life Looms Large said...

Last time I attended NEWS (my first time), I took 2 classes about weaving and 3 classes where we made things (jewellry, bookmarks, nuno felt). I was very worried that I'd get bored focusing only on weaving for 3 days in a row. Yes, I know - many weavers have different attention spans than I do!!

This time I'm being more serious and focused on weaving, so I'm taking classes in:
Weaving Software
Block Design (full day class)
Fabric Analysis
Multi-shaft design - but we make some kind of ornament in that class

I'm excited to go to the conference because of all the great weaving I'll see and because of what I'll learn. And yes....I am very lucky to be able to go. It's nice that they keep it local and fairly low-cost!!


Jennifer said...

I hear song lyrics in there somewhere - is it just me or do you hear the Eagles?

Birgitta said...

Hallo Sue!
Thank ypu for your congratulations. Good to have such a long distance greetings.
It is so fun to watch your fabrics and see what you do.
Now I hope that you'll have a nice week.
Kram Birgitta

Anonymous said...

Woven Voices - what a wonderful project! Thank you for sharing the link to Sarah's site!

Sharon said...

Conferences are a rich opportunity aren't they. We are so lucky in that regard. I heard of a "woven voices" group the other day. If you have heard of WARP, check them out at