Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Plants, Not Flowers

This week at Digital Photo School, the assignment is "Plants, Not Flowers."

Outside in NH it's a riot of green right now. So many great subjects!

Wrinkled Shield Lichen

I love lichen. I'm not totally sure it counts as a plant. It's a combination of algae and fungus....

Fern in the woods

Looking skyward through sumac leaves

Climbing off the stone wall where I photographed the sumac, I heard movement in the grass - sure enough, there was a 2 foot long milk snake.

Startled, I gasped, jumped, ran away.....but inspired by Sharon's recent snake photography, I tried to photograph it. No luck. He'd slithered away. He was pretty colors of white, black and orange. (Like this one.....from a Wikipedia photo.)

Red Milk Snake
Photo Credit: Wikipedia

I'm glad that NH does not have poisonous snakes....that helps keep me slightly calmer when I see one. (Technically, there are occasional timber rattlesnakes, but there are so few that I'm extremely unlikely to see one.)

Poison Ivy

Maybe I should retreat to my yard? Snakes, poisonous plants.....

Fern, Climbing Hydrangea and Hemlock

Plume Poppy

Fern without Bailey

Bailey struggled mightily to get in the picture with this fern, but for today I resisted his cuteness!

Bent Birch

Some assignments come naturally to me, while others push me to explore subjects that are not exciting to me.

I always learn from the assignments I do......I suppose there's a lesson in there somewhere!


Leigh said...

I love it when something pushes me beyond my normal limits. Shooting plants wouldn't be one of them, because it is something I would love doing. (Critters aside). Great shots.

Jennifer said...

Well, at least you can identify the snakes and the poison ivy - tha't half the battle and should allow you to explore safely! Thanks for the pics.

Dorothy said...

Hi Sue,

I was interested in you comment about learning to think like an engineer.

One of the things that you learn from making sketches of things, as with your photographs, is a different way of looking and seeing things.

When I studied art at school we did all sorts of exercises like drawing the shape around an object, not the object itself; drawing a scene reduced to light, mid and dark shade tones; drawing in pen aiming to get the line in the right place first time and no corrections; drawing the same thing several times over increasingly quickly - 3 mins, 2 mins, 1 min, 30 secs.

Well done for getting the sketchbook and giving it a go. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the photos.

bspinner said...

Your pictures are lovely. Love the texture and shape of the lichen. You can keep the snake. They still creep me out.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for being fellow plant fans!

And Dorothy, thanks for the sketchbook ideas! I'll definitely give those a try. So far my sketchbook just contains things that inspire me....but my sketching isn't exactly inspirational!

Maybe I shouldn't have included that snake photo! I find it kind of startling when I look at my blog!