Friday, March 19, 2010

Colors of March

Time to show our colors!!!

Each month, I take pictures of the natural colors where I live in New Hampshire, for creative inspiration.

March has surprised me so far. I was picturing spring green, first flowers or shoots, and instead I've got pictures of high water, nighttime visitors, and the beach. As the month progresses, I'm sure more of the March I imagined will appear.

My neighbor's maple tree
Collecting sap for syrup

Raccoon in a tree at night

Our beloved Loaf & Ladle restaurant flooded by the Exeter River

High water thundering around our favorite old mill

Glad the mill is sturdy!

Birch and salt marsh

Ducks in the marsh

Birch and junipers

Mouth of the Merrimack River

I invite everyone to join in with their own colors of March.

The rules are simple:
  1. Take photos of natural colors wherever you are
  2. Put them in a blog post that links back to this post (so other people can find the challenge)
  3. Add your link to the MckLinky below.
I'll welcome in April by summarizing this list, so please join the fun and inspiration by the end of March!


Synnøve. said...

So many nice picturers today whit you.
But I was amazed over the river that flodded. (hope this was right)

Im expekting the same thing to happened here when the snow melts.
The river Glomma is taking snow and and water from the mountains.
We are in the risk of beeing suronded by water. Both from the river Glomma, and ouer lake Nuguren.
Its raining today. That is nice.
The snow is melting and we can soon walk on snow and icefree roads.

Hugs from Norway.

Julie said...

What beautiful pictures! My favorite in that sweet little racoon, so cute.

Lois Evensen said...

What gorgeous images! Thanks for sharing. :) Lois in Cincinnati

charlotte said...

Fantastic photos, and the racoon is so cute! Have a nice weekend!

Theresa said...

Well, you can keep the little masked bandit at your place, you know how I feel abut them. Great pictures.
Boy, hope the Loaf & Ladle didn't sustain a lot of damage. I noticed my daffodils starting to poke through the ground and the elderberry is already leafing. Dogwoods can't be far behind....

Anonymous said...

Hi Sue, Great photos as always!

Back in this month after missing February.

Be well!

Delighted Hands said...

I expected a lot more green from you, too. Sorry. These are unexpected but impressive pics, tho! I will join in soon!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Isn't the power of water amazing? I hope your favorite dining spot can be saved?

You're really good at capturing moments -- like that raccoon. Nice job.

Have a wonderful weekend -- and may the waters receed.

Theresa said...

Sue, although my colors appeared a little earlier than your blog, I added them. Hope that was ok. I was temped to add the Ides of March...they were pretty colorful. :-)

Leigh said...

Warm browns and blues. Lovely March colors. Love the raccoon piccie.

My cat Rascal accompanied me for a walk earlier this month as I searched for March colors. He wanted to be included, so I'm adding him to the MckLinky list too. :)

cyndy said...

Very much March!

Janet said...

Sue I love your photos. I particularly like the maple syrup tapping - that says it all for me re March in Northern New England - New Hampshire and Vermont.

Annie said...

Nice photos! All that water thundering by looks threatening. I loved the racoon!

Jenny Bellairs said...

Sue, your pictures are so clear. I have enjoyed your challenge, in fact I probably got a little carried away with submitting two separate entries. Hope you don't mind, but the colors were so different in each photo session.

Anonymous said...

My new modem arrived and my connection restored. Have managed to upload my photos! Thanks again for creating the links - it is so enjoyable to travel round the world with photos.