Wednesday, March 3, 2010

DPS: Beverages

If some of my other posts for Digital Photography School's month of food photography made you hungry, do not worry about this one!

The subject for this week is beverages.

In normal times, even though I'm a pretty boring beverage person (I drink water, water and more water), I figured I'd just take pictures of beverages at each meal. No problem....Jim likes coffee, wine, beer, soda. I thought I'd have tons of pictures.

Between the power outage and the internet outage, beverage photography was the farthest thing from my mind. Plus, it's been very cold and gray for over a week, so we haven't had good light.

Luckily, I took one photo before the gloom set in, so here it is...

V8 juice (but let's pretend it's a Bloody Mary!)

Updates & Answers to Questions:
  1. Power was finally fully restored to our neighborhood today. Our end of the street was among the first 10% of customers to get power back. The other end of the street was in the last 2%.
  2. Bailey did have to be bribed to swim for my Welcome March post. He looked at us like we had to be kidding, but he did seem to enjoy it at least a little.
  3. Raccoons are 41 to 72 cm (16.1–28.0 in) long with a weight of 3.6 to 9.0 kg (7.9–19.8 lb) according to wikipedia. The raccoon in my photo was a large raccoon. Alas, I have not seen him since that morning. That may be a blessing because they can be destructive, getting into trashcans, birdseed and other mischief.


Sharon said...

In town, power outages were inconvenient, but out here they're unlivable. You can't flush your toilet because your well can't pump. We finally had to buy a generator, because there's not always snow on the deck to melt by the woodstove to flush toilets. It gets primitive pretty quick. I genuinely feel your pain.

Delighted Hands said...

Photo is a hit! Thanks for the rest of the story!

Anonymous said...

Just got our power back yesterday - we were laughing when we realized they were saying all but I think 1 percent of those who were out of power were back online, and we were in that final 1 percent. Such luck!! But we are super happy to have lights, computers, and a working furnace again. Sharon, your comment made me smile, as that was exactly what we were doing - melting snow in buckets by the woodstove to flush toilets!!

Annie said...

But Susan, if you drink so much water: where is your water picture? (Seems very hard to me, but I'd love to paint glass, if I could paint. Bottles, glasses etc. I do admire people who can do that)
I also know the feeling of too little light: therefore I couldn't take many pictures lately: Yesterday, though, was my chance: sunlight, no wind and nice temperatures. Forecast for tomorrow: snow! :-{

Benita said...

I agree - you need a picture of water with sunlight coming through it and making rainbows everywhere!! That would be cool!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Just looking at that mock-bloody mary has me craving one! It's such a summertime-camp drink for me. Love them (I'm not a lush though, so don't worry!).

Theresa said...

Nice photo and sunshine too! So good to hear everything is back on and humming away.

Julie said...

I'm so glad we haven't had those problems this year. Power is such a wonderful thing!

Janet said...

My sister in Milford got her power back fairly quickly and was she ever glad.
On the subject of racoons - there was a funny incident on the bus the other day. A woman approx. age 70 was trying to get on the bus - she had a shopping trolley with about 150 lbs. of cat food - she explained the the cat food was actually for feeding racoons. She claimed she was saving the lives of numerous cats by doing so. I'm not sure her neighbours agreed.