Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Summer Fuzz Fest

I heard today that the Summer Fuzz Fest will be held August 15, from 10 - 2 at Riverslea Farm in Epping, NH, USA.

Mark your calendars!!!

What's a Fuzz Fest you ask?? A gathering of people who love fiber. The summer version will be outdoors under large tents.

Check out the Winter Fuzz Fest to get an idea what goes on.


Sorry for my inadvertent blog hiatus. I'll be back soon I hope! I miss you guys!


Jennifer said...

We miss you too! Hope all is well!

LA said...

Lots of weird weather up your way...I was thinking of you! The Winter Fuzz Fest looked like fun!

Colleen said...

Summer Fuzz Fest - I've put it on the calendar and we'll be there!! Awesome that it's going to be right at Riverslea - looking forward to it already :)

Life Looms Large said...

Just saying "Summer" sounds really good to me right now!

This warm sunny weekend promises to do me a world of good!!