Monday, February 1, 2010

Welcome February!

Each month, I try to take photos that show color combinations outdoors around where I live, to get inspiration for weaving, knitting, quilting, or whatever you'd like to be inspired to do!

I'm a little bit glad we started this task in November because this has been a good challenge for me in the cold, dark, white months of December and January. I look forward to continuing into the warmer and more colorful months in the northern hemisphere.

Thanks so much to all of the participants in this month's challenge! I love seeing your photos and how you interpret the colors where you live.

The Colors of January
(In approximate order from the international date line heading west - a good geography puzzle for me!)

Jennifer from Finding the Real Me with photos from New Zealand

Annie from Weaverannie knits and spins in Holland

Paloma Chaffinch
in England

My January colors in New Hampshire

Mike in NH in New Hampshire

Leigh from 5 Acres & a Dream in the Carolinas

Fun with Fiber
in Pennsylvania

Nina from Odette's Obsessions in Ontario

K Spoering from My Life is but a Tapestry in western Colorado

Sharon from In Stitches in Nevada

Janet from Janet's Threads in Seattle (but recently from Dublin)

Evelyn Oldroyd in Canada with flowers to go with her ice and snow!

In mid-February, I'll be back with the call for the colors of February! It's a short month, so I don't want to dawdle!!

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Acorn to Oak said...

What a neat challenge. It was fun to see all the different photos from different places.

Anonymous said...

nd I/m weaving white clours in the North of wisches wiebke

Theresa said...

LOVE the tree photo! Looks nice and sunny there though, we've been rather wet and dreary although
it snowed yesterday!

Benita said...

Is that a stone wall I see in that picture? You have a real stone wall? I am so jealous!!!

Lovely picture - relaxes me just looking at it. Of course, looking at all that snow makes me want a cup of hot tea. Going now to turn the kettle on. Thanks!! :)

Delighted Hands said...

Ooops! I missed to explore the other's entries tho. I LOVE your tree pic--I have always loved to highlight trees like that!

Julie said...

Great picture!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

That's a really neat looking tree....Is it yours? I have to say that I am really enjoying your photography.

Sharon said...

Thanks for the recap. Some of those I had seen in the course of reading blogs, and some were new to me. I didn't realized that Janet had left Dublin.

Synnøve. said...

For a nice challenge.
Can anyone participate?

Like your picture. The lonely tree and the white snow.

Today we have a snowstorm here.
Its not could, only 4 minus but the wind....
Im going out to get the mail Il hope I will return safely.

Have a nice day.
Hugs from Norway.

bspinner said...

Thanks for including me in your January Color Challenge. I love to look at the photos of other areas. So far February isn't to much different at your end of the world.