Friday, October 30, 2009

Colors of Late October

Jennifer has commented several times this fall about how color combinations found in nature are inspiring.

I thought it would be fun to take pictures in my yard yesterday, just keeping my eye out for color combinations.

Leaves on the lawn

Beech & Hemlock Forest


Sweet Gum Tree

Oaks & Hemlocks

Cherry, Dogwood, Oak, Bradford Pear

Our Neighbor's Maple

That Blue Hydrangea


Leaves on the Driveway

Dogwood & Oak

High Bush Cranberry


Sedum, Cherry, Hemlock Background & Bailey

Bradford Pear, Maple Leaves, Blue Rug Juniper, Hemlocks

Maybe next month, as a blog challenge, we can each blog about the colors in our part of the world. (I'd say that would be a good October challenge, except that we'd only have one day left!!)

So keep your eyes open for colors that inspire you, or that are just interesting to you - and snap some pictures!! I'll blog about the November challenge in mid to late November!!


Anonymous said...

Great idea!

Marsel said...

Pretty! The sweet gum interested me -- down here (North Georgia) the sweet gums always turn dark purple, never yellow.

Jennifer said...

Look at you leading us in great directions!!! How fun! I've got two observations from your pictures -

One was - I'm surprised by the couple of pictures with the blues - the hydrangea still in color and it's interesting with the fading yellow green of the leaves - the other is the blue of the cranberry. That's an extension of how surprised I am by the blues I'm seeing here.

Two - you seem to favor cool colors based on your blog and your weavings. How do you like these warmer color combinations in your pics?

Life Looms Large said...

Evelyn - Glad I'm not the only one who likes this idea!! You take great photos so it would be great if you'd join in!!

Marsel - Interesting that the gums in GA turn purple, not yellow. This gum was mostly green, some yellow and a bit of purple. I included it mostly because I don't see them often (it was in Somerville outside that museum with the mosaics).

Jennifer - Good observations! I was surprised to see that the hydrangea had turned purple and the color of the cranberry bush really surprised me too.

As far as my favorite colors - blue is absolutely my favorite color. If I've ever seen an ocean that color, I love it. (So green, blue, turquoise, etc). I wear blue a lot - being one of those blue-eyed people with a skin tone that looks good in blue. (And yes, my blog is blue, although I really should update it one of these days or months!)

Most of the weaving I've done lately is blue. Partly because I ordered a lot of the yarn together with the exact thought that "if I'm going to struggle, I'm going to struggle with colors I love."

Oddly however, one of my local weaving buddies considers burgundies and golds "my colors" because our house has a lot of those colors in it. I'd say over half the rooms in our house are gold, burgundy, yellow, orange, or my famously Tuscan sunroom. The other rooms are neutral - white walls - although there may be some blue in some rugs.

Since I like weaving for my house more than I like weaving to wear, I will have to branch out!

I do really like the fall color combos I'm seeing outside - the rusty colors, or the bright versions from a few weeks ago. So we'll see how this exercise affects my weaving.

My next two warps are in the planning is an all green project, and the other is a mixed warp with blues and roses and greens. So maybe I'm broadening my weaving horizons a tad.

Definitely good for me to think about! All blue all the time could get dull!


Wool Enough said...

Wonderful colors, so different from the punchy, "in your face" sort of colors we typically have in Southern California. I especially liked the blue hydrangea.

Delighted Hands said...

The colors are very beautiful-being in GA gave us the thrill of cooler and color! I especially liked the weeping tree-I think you identified it as cherry (I trust it is ornamental?)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sue! I enjoyed my day of focusing on a topic thanks to you. Looking forward to next month! photos just going up. Evelyn

Life Looms Large said...

Wool Enough, It would be great to see the contrast in the colors in NH in the next few months compared to the colors in CA. I'll bet they'll be really different!

Delighted Hands, That tree is a weeping cherry in our front yard. It has beautiful blossoms in the spring. Plus the bees love it!

Evelyn, Thanks for taking up the challenge so quickly and so well!! I love the pictures you posted for October!!


Sharon said...

Gorgeous!! Color inspiration, including Bailey.

Life Looms Large said...

Bailey is amazing....he's always sneaking into photos! (I left him there because I thought it was so cute that he was peaking into the frame!)


Mahesh Thakor said...


Unknown said...

Nice pics