Thursday, January 14, 2010

Decluttering: Film Cameras

Before Christmas, we needed more space for camera gear. We decided to bite the bullet and part with our ancient film cameras. We sold the cameras on Ebay.

We were pleasantly surprised that we got real money for our equipment. While it pales in comparison to how much we paid for it years ago, it frees up space in our lives, gives us some money in return, and the cameras will go to some one who will use them.

Since I'm a weaver, I did snag the cartridges from some ancient rolls of film that were kicking around. Filled with coins, washers or rocks, canisters make great weights for errant warp threads or floating selvedges.

Even if you're not a weaver, I encourage you free up some space in your home and your life and release your old film gear!!

Follow-up from yesterday's post:

My camera is a Canon 40D, handed down from Jim. It's a great camera and takes great pictures. People often ask me camera advice, and my advice boils down to this very unhelpful suggestion: "Marry some one who is a better photographer than you are, and ask them all of your photography questions. Try to get them to give you their hand-me-down gear." Sorry that I'm so untechnical about why I have this camera and what other people should get.

There are occasional pics of my face on my blog....but that requires another photographer. I haven't figured out my tripod for taking pics of myself yet. (I want to be able to use that to show certain weaving things sometimes. Right now I think I'd get tangled up in yarn and hurt myself!!)


Anonymous said...

Decluttering is a wonderful thing - we go through the house a couple times each year, and move along things we don't need or use any more. Always very refreshing - all that "new" space that results!!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

My mom uses those empty film cannisters for her weaving too. And I should follow your lead and unload my old cameras, but I hate to part with them -- even though they haven't been used in years.

Delighted Hands said...

Good advice on letting the old stuff go.........

Life Looms Large said...

I don't have trouble letting everything go, but I was a little sad about the cameras.

Getting real money for them made me less sad though! Plus knowing that they'd go to new owners who would use them. I love digital cameras!


Leigh said...

Very nice, camera and old film canisters.