Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Fuzz Fest

So much fun at the Fuzz Fest today!!

Chatted with Patricia Morton of Treeditions about dyeing, warp painting, upcoming workshops and bead leno.

Marveled at Hal of the Angora Hutch, spinning angora directly off the bunny - and at the bunny remaining calm despite all the hubbub.

Tried spinning on a spinning wheel for the first time ever!! (Can you see the tiny needle-felted figures on the table in the background??)

Saw so many of my favorite knitters and weavers, plus met new knitters and weavers!!

I snapped just a few pictures at the very end of the day, and totally missed out on seeing Sarah Haskell with her prayer flag project until we were cleaning up.

A busy and fun event!!!

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Sharon said...

What!!! You tried out a spinning wheel for the first time ever, and what???? Which one did you try? What did you think?? I'm a admitted spinoholic and can't take the suspense.

Annie said...

Tried a spinning wheel? Wow!
And did you like it? It might start a new addiction, be prepared. (It will mean less time to weave - but plenty of yarns)
This seemed a really fun event.

Theresa said...

And like everyone else, I am hoping to hear if you liked spinning. Spinning right off the bunny is pretty darn impressive and such a good calm ( and beautiful looking) rabbit!
I'm sorry I missed this event and I'll be sorry at missing the upcoming yarn crawl north of Boston at the beginning of March! I need to get the folks to time their surgeries better! ;-)

Susan B. said...

I was there! and enjoyed talking with the spinners especially. I had never seen a Schacht Matchles before - what a nice wheel! I bought lots of roving. It was definitely a great happening! and hope it happens again.

Delighted Hands said...

It looks like a fantastic day; thanks for sharing some highlights with us! (Are you tempted by the spinning wheel?!)

OzWeaver said...

Oh...I missed quite an event! I hope to visit next year! Looks like it was a wonderful event in a stunning setting...just the perfect get away I would have loved!
I also love the colors you are assembling for your guest bath towels!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Looks like a wonderful day -- surrounded by all things you love. I'm surprised that you never tried spinning. What did you think?

If you ever get the chance, you should attend the Northeast Wool Show (I think that's what is it called). It takes place on Columbus Day weekend in Dutchess County, NY. You would be speechless at all the wool, demonstrations, etc.

charlotte said...

I didn't know it was possible to spin directly off a bunny! Don't they mind their fur being plucked off and turning into thread?

Jennifer said...

I've seen someone spin directly off a shetland sheepdog also and wondered at the calmness of the dog at the show! Looks like a wonderful time - what did you think of the spinning???? And thanks for pointing out the figures on the table - I would have missed that completely!

bspinner said...

Ok, so now tell us what you thought of spinning. I remember that I didn't spin very well the first couple of times I spun but once I got the hang of it I love it. I had a job near my home and could go home for lunch. I spent most of my lunches spinning away the stress of the morning.

Anonymous said...

We stopped in - had to check out the rabbits!! What an amazing thing to watch - I think I could have stood there for an hour! And I never realized how big Angoras are. They were beautiful. I hope this event repeats again next year!!

Life Looms Large said...

So cool that some of you were there, and I'm bummed that I didn't get to meet you. Maybe next time!!

I definitely have Fuzz Fest on the brain still. I'm kind of letting different ideas and experiences percolate around a bit more before I blog about them.

But I will blog about them!!!

Hope you all had great weekends!!