Sunday, January 17, 2010

Newmarket, New Hampshire

I visited Newmarket, NH in my search for January colors.

Since I was looking for natural colors, these buildings didn't really fit in with my quest....but I liked them enough to share.

Crow in a Tree

White New England Church

Stone Mills

As I sit listening to the sound of sleet on the skylight, expecting to wake up to 6 inches of new snow, it's nice to look at these pictures of blue skies and the beauty of New England!!


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Very New England-like pictures. I have a soft spot for stone mills. We have several around here in central NY -- they are now antique malls. I love exploring them in search of treasures. Your pictures look so crisp. Nice job.

Delighted Hands said...

The cold is evidenced in the photos-love your subjects...

Acorn to Oak said...

I like your photos. Especially, the "Crow in a Tree" picture. :-)

Benita said...

Stone textile mills? Are these buildings being used for anything in today's world?

charlotte said...

I love this deep blue sky, everything looks so clean on those photos. The buildings are lovely, I find old industrial buildings very fascinating.

Life Looms Large said...

I don't know the history of the stone mills in Newmarket. Most of the mills in this area are brick - even though we have tons of granite in the ground and made into stone walls criss-crossing the state.

If I find out, I'll post about it because I'm curious too!!

Some of these mill buildings are being restored. There's a combination of industry and apartments in this complex right now.

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

Jennifer said...

These are beautiful. I especially liked the crow in the tree - I had to stop and look for it - what interest!
I understand - sometimes all we have are pictures to help through all the gray weather outside! Hang on - spring is coming!

Sharon said...

The rain came and melted our snow so I took a walk during that time for January colors. I'm determined that my pictures won't have snow, although it's snowing right now.