Friday, February 26, 2010

Rough Night

A fierce wind storm blew through New Hampshire overnight Thursday. It sounded like a freight train - so loud and windy!

We awoke early Friday to no electricity.

The storm must have discombobulated this raccoon. He was right in our back yard, eating birdseed. I have never seen a raccoon in our town in the 10 years we've lived here.

Jim encouraged me to treat today like a normal day, with the idea that the power would come back on.

I did part 2 of my warp painting. Even though part 1 had me really encouraged, part 2 didn't go quite how I planned.

Here's a quick picture and I'll blog about it more later of course!!

Thanks to a giant power outage during the Olympics 4 years ago, when Jim was out of the country, we have a small generator, plus lots of battery powered lights.

The generator makes a lot of things possible (including running water), and helped us meet the odd requirement that we keep the kitchen above 70 degrees while the warp cures overnight. Some middle of the night power generation might have to happen.

We have no internet right now, so if I seem incommunicado, that's why. It's really hard to get info without power.


Gjeani said...

looking forward to see those scarves after they are woven.

Leigh said...

So sorry to hear you've had problems because of that storm. Great shots of the raccoon though.

trapunto said...

You're warp-painting up a storm. I am impressed! Racoons: so awesome in pictures, singly. So disturbing in real life, en masse.

Delighted Hands said...

Did you show the raccoon to Bailey?! Glad you could do the warp painting -it is nice to have things like weaving and knittin to do when the power is out!

charlotte said...

The racoon is very cute! Are they big? I like the colors of the new warp you've painted. I'm glad you have a generator, being without elecricity is really hard.

Jennifer said...

We had an ice storm one December where I went without power for 5 days. I was fine until day 3 where I finally got pitiful! But we did not have a generator - so that hopefully will help you keep your sanity! The racoon is cute - but I know what a menace they can be. Great job on the warp painting I look forward to seeing it's progress!