Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Baby I'm Back

In the studio, that is.

For the past month, ever since I brought home my giant Toika loom, my studio has been out of commission - covered in drop clothes and loom parts.

Last week, when we got the loom frame set up, suddenly I could see my other projects again!

And this week, now that the holiday hubbub has died down, I can finally get back on a more normal schedule and get back to the studio.

I like to have a bunch of different projects in progress at once, so I store supplies for each project in its own bin.

Now that I have a New Year's burst of energy to clear things out to make way for adventures in 2009, I'm starting each studio session with 15 minutes on whichever project is closest to relinquishing its project bin.

First up is finishing this fleece. I made a fleece sweatshirt last winter to help improve my sewing. As a weaver, it seems like it would be cool to sew my handwoven fabric at some point.

These fleece scraps seem perfect for making a few headbands and possibly a neck gaiter.

I'm copying my two favorite fleece headbands. The light blue headband appears to have a hem sewed with a double needle, so I'm figuring out how to use a double needle with my sewing machine.

The beauty of doing only 15 minutes at a time on this project is that I won't get all bogged down on it at the expense of other projects.

I've missed my studio in the past few weeks - missed being in my creative routine, missed having the separate time and space to myself.

It's good to be back!

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