Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Texture Sampler

I learned to weave in an unusual way. I attended a week-long weaving class at Chautauqua.

The class met for 3 hours in the afternoon. We could also go to the classroom when it was open to work on our projects. The teacher brought 22 different looms and warped them with 22 different projects before class started. We each worked on our own project and there wasn't really formal teaching.

When I came back home, I bought a brand new Baby Wolf and Deborah Chandler's Learning to Weave.

I'm still a beginner in many ways....Every so often I do one of the exercises in the book to help me understand more about weaving.

Currently, I'm working on a texture sampler....a combination of many different types of yarn so I can get a feel for them.

I've got rug yarn, linen singles, some loosey-goosey knitting yarns, cotton ripple, mohair and mohair boucle and some wool in this warp. I loved measuring out the warp on the warping board. I got to touch so much cool yarn!!

I have never warped back to front before and this is my first time using a raddle as well. The homemade raddle I'm using is borrowed from one of my weaving buddies.

I haven't used lease sticks before either.....just held the cross in my hand a la Chandler. I really like using lease sticks! The raddle isn't helping me as much as I expected, so the jury is still out for me on that.

Just a few more steps in the warping process and I'll be able to start to weave. I have the feeling this sampler might be tough going because of the mixture of yarns, but the warp is really short.

If it's tough, at least it won't be tough for long!

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Lynnette said...

Great photo's - can't wait to see the finished result. I'm enjoying reading about your new looms and can't wait to see how it all turns out!