Friday, January 2, 2009

Frame Up!

My new loom is now partially assembled and sitting next to my Baby Wolf loom in my studio. What a great start to the New Year!

I'm thrilled with the way the finish looks now. The wood is slightly darker than the light wood of my Schacht loom, but this loom is at least 25 years older, so the wood has had more time to darken.

After several weeks of effort, this morning we finally had all the pieces of the loom frame sanded, oiled, and ready for use.

It took the two of us only a few minutes to assemble the frame of the loom. Fortunately, the loom came with an instruction booklet. Also, there are numbers stamped into key pieces of the frame to help show which pieces fit together.

At this point, it's light enough that we can easily pick it up and move it around to experiment with how to position it.

Of course, being a two-engineer household, we had done a graph paper template before buying the loom.

Somehow with graph paper it's hard to predict how the light would look in the room or how much of the windows the loom would block.

We ended up putting the loom in a different spot than I expected, but this position makes the loom fit into the room better than the other possibilities.

I'm looking forward to attaching the moving parts to the loom so that I'll be able to weave on it soon!


Sharon Kelly said...

Great loom, Sue! It looks wonderful in your space. Do you have your first warp planned?
Talk to you soon...

Sue said...

Thanks for the loom compliments! We're still at the "ordering stainless steel bolts and Texsolv" stage of loom I'm not to the warp planning phase yet. Something easy - probably plain weave with only 2 shafts - to start.
Of course, I've spent more time thinking about what I'll do when I have 10 or 12 shafts on this loom working smoothly together!!

Susan said...

I love how light and airy your weaving space is! Congrats on the new loom and I'm sure she will be humming along with warps soon.

I've enjoyed your blog and will be back... often... to see how you are making out.

Happy New Year!

Bruce said...

I'll bet that the discussions, er...negotiations that took place in your house about the placement of the loom were interesting, to say the least.

Susan has spent numerous hours in planning and placement of her looms and seems to be satisfied with the way it has all come together. I, however think that I could improve upon her layout and just yesterday told her that I would be happy to rearrange her studio the next time she goes away for a few days on a retreat.

Her response? Well, I just can't say.

Your blog is fun and I've enjoyed visiting with you.

Susan's hub...Bruce

Sue said...

Thanks for visiting!! Always good to 'meet' another weaver, or weaving enabler!!

Love your blog list Susan! I hope to add something similar to my blog soon!

Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful Sue! A beautiful loom and a great space. I look forward to reading your adventures.

Sue said...

Thanks for stopping by!!