Friday, January 23, 2009

Sitting Pretty

Finally!!! I'm done knitting these Newfoundland souvenir socks!!! Wahoo!

I bought the yarn on vacation in Newfoundland in 2004, thinking they'd make a great souvenir. Only problem is, I had pattern trouble.....sagging socks, multiple do-overs, much unraveling, argh!!

But at long last, they are finally done!! I wanted to take a photo of me jumping for joy in the living room, kicking up my heels in my new socks.....but that seemed too dangerous.

(I definitely didn't want to explain any camera problems after such an attempt to Jim......Yes dear, I borrowed your camera to take a picture of my feet for my blog, and well.....Not a good idea!)

Bailey cannot believe I'm posting about socks!


bspinner said...

Great socks!!!

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks!! It's fun wearing socks I've knit myself!!