Saturday, January 31, 2009

New Year's Resolution 1: Done!

You know how in January, after New Year's, you're feeling all motivated to make some changes, tackle new goals, and set your sights on the next big thing?

Some years I go totally nuts with New Year's resolutions - hiking the Grand Canyon, taking up running, being more prolific in my studio, being a kinder nicer, person.

This year, I wasn't feeling as goal-oriented.

I decided to just tackle 4 small house projects that have been bugging me. I told myself I could do them all in January - that would be just one project per week.

Here we are, at the end of January, and I have only one of the four projects complete! But 1 is better than 0!!

Yup - it's a lamp. Not just any lamp, it's a Lykta Lamp from IKEA.

It's next to some pens, so you can see that it's not very big. In fact, I'd like it better if it were twice its size.

Last winter, influenced by record-setting snow in our area, we repainted our bedroom in bright orange and yellow, got a tropical-colored comforter, and a new, more peppy-looking rug.

But our old lamp looked so out of place. It's been bugging me ever since.

Well, no more!!

This lamp is pretty cool. It seems like the whole thing is a piece of glass, with the light fixture inside it.

Here's a picture of it at night. It would be hard to read by that amount of light.

It does require a special lightbulb, that was displayed right next to it at IKEA. (Those are clementines in the bowl).

For as long as our tropical decorating theme persists, this light will be great!

1 nagging project complete.....3 left to go!!! (Good thing I didn't set my sights on harder goals for this year.....because you know none of them would be complete in the first month!)


Lynnette said...

I feel your resolution pain, I've kinda fizzled on mine already too. Still piles of unfinished projects to sort through, but just can't get enthused. By the way I have a table cloth very similar to yours, I found it in a little town in Provence a few years ago and love the happy summery colours and the olives...

Sue said...

On a winter day like this, it's great to look at that tablecloth and think of visiting Les Baux de Provence, a beautiful town in France!!

I've had some success with 15 minutes on my top unfinished project at the start of each session in my studio. I can usually get myself to do that - if not with enthusiasm, at least with a sense of progress!