Sunday, April 19, 2009

Down South

Jim and I spent a day in Boston, about 60 miles south of us.

April is a nice time to visit Boston for us, because spring is usually a bit farther along there, and the brown grass and mud that engulf New Hampshire at this time of year aren't a big part of Boston's spring.

We took a walking tour lead by a volunteer from Boston By Foot. I highly recommend this way of learning a bit about the city. Here are a few of the sights from our waterfront tour.

Custom House Tower (original building 1849, tower added in 1910)

Gardiner Building: Dates back to 1760. Oldest building still in use on Long Wharf. Once housed offices of John Hancock, a signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Dolphins (1977) by K. Lane Weems

Boston Harbor

Quincy Market: A Market Completed in 1826, Still Full of Stores Today

Faneuil Hall: Market and Meeting Place Since 1742

Of course, we also had time to have delicious Italian food in the North End, walk Bailey through urban parks, and stop for ice cream!!


Theresa said...

What a fun day! Boston is such an approachable city
once you ditch the car for the day. ;-)
There is a very fun ferry that leaves from..Salem I think and pulls in there right by the aquarium.
Maybe they call it a taxi? Anyway, it was a fun little trip when we did it.

charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing your trip! Boston loks almost like a European city to me. I guess we inhabitants of the old world tend to think that all American cities look like New York.

Dave Daniels said...

Hey, we must have crossed paths a dozen times this weekend! You were right in my back yard. It was w wonderful weekend to be out walking around.

bspinner said...

I enjoy your beautiful pictures!!! I've never been to Boston and am very happy you are sharing your pictures with us.

Sharon said...

I went with Ian to the Public Library Association conference there about three years ago. It was a wonderful trip and even though it was March, the weather was only chilly. We got to see the Kennedy Library, walked that the Freedom Trail, toured the USS Constitution and ate at Faneuil Hall. You are very lucky to have so much rich history right in your own back yard.

Jennifer said...

Very Nice - I've only been to Boston in the cold and rain. It's nice to see it otherwise. I love the "down south" title. My first thought was Mississippi!!!!

Thanks for the comments on Dakota - each day gets easier and I keep reminding myself he's better off!