Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finish for Fifteen: Upholstery Purse

Starting at the beginning of this year (sounding suspiciously like a New Year's Resolution, isn't it?) I promised myself I'd spend 15 minutes at the start of my three weekly studio sessions finishing a project.

So far I've finished some fleece headbands, and a tapestry during my 15 minutes of finishing. I do set a timer and work for exactly 15 minutes. That almost guarantees that I stop at a good point of the project and am eager to get back to it the next time! (Instead of that nagging, gross feeling of being stuck and not wanting to work on the project that often occurs if I don't use a timer for these babies.) Plus, I can pretty much force myself to do anything for just 15 minutes!

Up next, I'm going to make a purse out of upholstery fabric.


Last winter, my local weaving group decided to focus on rep weave for the year. I had trouble coming up with rep ideas I really liked, but decided on a series of items: a small purse, a carpet bag, and a set of placemats.

For the small purse, I decided to make the pattern, but with fabric I had on hand. I chose an upholstery fabric from a field trip to Boston Design Center, purchased lining and other notions.

Last summer, our weaving group learned that we wouldn't have space to exhibit our group project at NEWS. We drifted off in our own weaving directions. We still meet monthly - but we're not working on themed projects together at this point.

I tabled the project since I wasn't especially motivated. I'm fine with the fact that I tabled it in August. At that point, I didn't have good studio habits, and working on projects that didn't inherently motivate me wasn't helping me develop good habits.

Now I want to finish this project so I can reclaim the space taken by this unfinished project in my studio and in my spirit.

I could just return the various pieces to my raw materials bins, but the trim that I purchased to go with the upholstery fabric goes with it well enough that I'm going to finish up the bag.

Fifteen minutes at a time will get this project finished!!


Jennifer said...

I love the 15 minute rule! What's the saying - how do you eat an elephant - one bite at a time!

Now the questions is will there come a time where there is nothing in your studio that you aren't jazzed about? Have your choices changed with time that you are more wise in what you want to do? it will be interesting to see!

charlotte said...

I am looking forward to se the purse, I really like the colors and the pattern of the upholstery fabric. I wonder if rep weave is "rips", a very either warp or weft dominated fabric based on tabby?

Anonymous said...

Sue, I applaud your discipline! Looking foward to seeing the purse too. I like the fabric and love the trim that you picked out to go with it.

Life Looms Large said...

Jennifer, that's a good question about whether I'll get to a point where my projects stay in motion until I finish them? I definitely have a large backlog of unfinished projects - so no need to worry about that yet! That would be the goal though - to stay with my projects until I finish them and have everything in my studio be something I'm excited about.

Rep is "warp rep" or "ripsmatta". Here's a picture of some.

Glad you guys like the fabric and trim!! I'm not sure how much I'll actually use this purse - but maybe by combining things I like, I'll end up with a finished product that I like!


Deanna said...

Brilliant idea! That's the FlyLady suggestion for clearing clutter in your house, too. :-)

Looking forward to seeing your bag. I have a pattern around here somewhere for making a bag with upholstery fabric - I think it was in Threads magazine. Anyway, I'd love to see your design!

Not sure if you would see the comment to you on my blog, so I'll add it here:
Click on Open Sketchpad in the File menu. It will open a grid. Right click to bring up the dialog that lets you set the size of the grid. Then you can enlarge it so it is easier to see and to work with.

Life Looms Large said...


Thanks for the Fiberworks info! Turns out that the sketchpad is in Fiberworks Silver & I have Fiberworks Bronze. No wonder I couldn't find it!! Something to look forward to if I upgrade.

The pattern I'm using for the bag is from Handwoven in 2002. I'll post specifics as I make progress on the bag!! It was originally made from a rag weave.


KDes said...

This 15 minutes rule is amazing, and the discipline! It must be the owl (wisdom).

I'm setting up (?) a rep weave in my vävstuga, a rag rug.

Birgitta said...

Hello Sue
I get so happy when you visit me and write in my blog. I'm not good at English, so it'll probabbly wrong sometimes when I write to you. But I do my best.
Kramer Birgitta

Theresa said...

I agree Sue, such discipline and did the blog get a new look?
My backlog comes in the knitting department. I really need to get making some socks.