Tuesday, April 21, 2009

So Many Colors, So Little Time

Today was Day 2 of Ruby Leslie's color workshop. Even more fun than yesterday (no schlepping of looms), plus I'm not so exhausted tonight!

First, I am proud and psyched to say that I wove an advancing twill, and it really wasn't harder than other things I've woven. It's by far the longest treadling sequence I've ever done, but it was fun. I can see why people play with this weave structure....and I feel much less intimidated by it now.

Plus, Ruby talked about some of the ways she designs with color and talked about her design process with piles and piles of samples. Really, each sample could be a great blog post of its own.....but they're her work not mine.....if we're lucky, she'll start a blog some day!!

I also was able to do a false damask block weave that helped me understand blocks better. (Not saying I fully understand them, but I do feel like I understand them a little better.)

Hmmmm.....I'm writing a lot about weave structure when this workshop is about color. I think that's because I feel like I learned quick things about weave structures, that are easy to write a few lines about. What I'm learning about designing with color is still sinking in.

Tomorrow we'll finish weaving samples and cut the samples off the looms. Exciting!!

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Hilary said...

wow I am impressed

Theresa said...

Beautiful stuff. Sounds like a workshop I would love myself The false damask is lovely!

Lynnette said...

What amazing samples! Her colourways are stunning and make me wish I much braver with my colour choices. You must be totally stoked!

Susan said...

Ooh, I love the advancing twills (my fav) and I must second Theresa on the false damask.

It seems as time goes you discover whether you are a color person or a structure person. I think we are getting a hint which way you might lean

:) Susan
PS I love the colors too

Deanna said...

Great photos, and sounds like a really fun workshop, too!
Personally, I think structure and color are pretty closely related, at least in fascination. I will admit to being texture challenged, though. :-)

Leigh said...

These are glorious! I echo the sentiments for the false damask. I will definitely have to add this to my list of "must tries."

I didn't enjoy my experience of weaving advancing twills, but thankfully, there are plenty of others who love it.

bspinner said...

How exciting!!!! I'm so impress with all the different colors and weave structures. I would have never used some of the colors together and am amazed at how well they work together.

need_a_latte_mom said...

Wonderful! Love the textures and colors. I have GOT to break out of my comfort zone....Sheep and Wool is coming soon, lots of opportunity there!

sheilabythebeach said...

OMG, you are so lucky to do such a great workshop. *I* want to do something fun like that too!!!
The samples are knock-outs.
I feel overwhelmed just thinking about the possibilities...