Wednesday, April 8, 2009


The weekly assignment at Digital Photography School is "Wisdom".

Notably missing from my photos are some of the important groups of people in my life....from whom I access much wisdom.

Books are my favorite source of wisdom and of knowledge. (These are at the Portsmouth Athenaeum.)

My computer is often used to access knowledge, inspiration, friends and fun....but occasionally I stumble across something wise online!

I sense the wisdom of centuries of loom design, and of my loom's long life before it met me, whenever I'm in my Toika's presence. (Yes, I am in love with this loom!)

I can't resist using one more owl photo (even though Jim shot this one).

In many cultures, owls are considered bad omens. However, I grew up with the association of owls and wisdom, "wise old owl" and such. The origins of that association are in Greek mythology when owls were associated with Athena, goddess of birds - as well as goddess of wisdom, the arts and skills. The owl became associated with wisdom. (In reality, owls are not as intelligent as hawks, ravens and crows.....according to whomever tests the intelligence of birds.)


charlotte said...

I think this was quite a difficult assignment, but you did really well! Great pictures, as ever!

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks Charlotte....this was a hard assignment for me!!

But better than last week's - which I experimented with but didn't get good didn't post about.


Theresa said...

Loved the book shot! It was interesting too, I never would have thought to use Wisdom as a topic for a photography class. It's good you love your loom.
Makes all that weaving time a joy.

Sharon said...

Nice job with the assignment. I bookmarked that site. I want to become more proficient with my digital camera but am having a hard time translating SLR to DSLR. Maybe a retirement goal~

Jennifer said...

Your diligence with the school keeps remining me that I want to go over there and learn a few things myself. I looking at the summer - but than again I'm looking at a lot of things for the summer!

Dorothy said...

Lovely pictures, I especially like the books on the book shelves, I want to step into the photograph and be there!