Monday, April 13, 2009

Send Yarn, Please!

Advice needed, really - I'll spring for the extra yarn!!

I started knitting this fun multi-directional diagonal scarf to use up an extra ball of Regia sock yarn. I weighed my yarn and thought I had plenty to make a scarf.

Unfortunately, the yarn is running low. The scarf is way too short. I've done math (thanks high school geometry!) and there's no way to make this scarf long enough with the yarn I have.

I think my best option at this point is to find a complementary yarn, and combine them into this scarf. I will probably rip out a lot of knitting....but I'm OK with that. There's a long time between now and the next scarf weather!

I'm also tempted by Leigh's socks. She alternated 2 skeins of sock yarn to get this fun pair. Unfortunately, I'm not loving how my yarn feels in the pair of socks I already knit. I'm not keen on making another pair of slightly scratchy socks.

If you have words of wisdom for me, I'm all ears!!

(And for whomever had the brilliant idea that I should find another ball of the same yarn, I'm using Regia 4 fadig, 50g ball, Farbe (color) 5382 Partie (lot) 34906, which I purchased in St. John's Newfoundland on vacation in 2004. )

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Leigh said...

How neat! What a shame to not have enough yarn.

I'm curious that you don't like that sock yarn on your feet. I love the feel of handmade socks, though I think it's the socks and not the yarns I love. Surely someone makes a softer sock yarn (???)

Deanna said...

I love that pattern - have a bamboo scarf knitted of it. If I were you, I'd rip out some of what you've done, knit the body in a solid color, then finish with the patterned sock yarn. Lovely choice of yarn, BTW!

ReluctantDragon said...

Oh no! That's such a great way to use the Regia too.
I think my mom just gave away a skein of that exact yarn in a swap a couple months ago... if only I'd known sooner!

I hope you find a good complimentary one for it. Once you figure a solution out, be sure to show the end result here! :-)

charlotte said...

That's a great pattern and lovely colors! I really hope you can find suitable yarn to get it finshed.

Life Looms Large said...

Glad to hear that you don't think I'm crazy for hoping to find another yarn that would look good with this! Yarn stores are dangerous for me, but hopefully I can show some restraint!!


Theresa said...

Deanna's right, rip out a little and start mixing in a solid that matches! I just checked my sock yarn stash and I have nothing close to that pattern. Yarns stores...dangerous???? Just a little! ;-) Have fun!

Jennifer said...

The scarf is beautiful and I agree it's a shame to run out of yarn. I wonder do you have another set of yarns - complementary or not - to create a symmetrical scarf where the second half is a mirror or an opposite or negative image of the first. Those descriptors may be not be right - you could continuw the same pattern, but let the yarn change it.

Anonymous said...

I may have some of that Regia sock yarn to spare. Can you post which colorway it is or at least the color combination of the solid stripes?

Life Looms Large said...

Great idea.....try to find another ball of the same yarn!

It's Regia 4 fadig Multi Effekt Color Farbe (color) 5382 Partie (lot) 34906.

The solid stripes and the areas with white are all from the same ball.

You guys are smart!


bspinner said...

Love the sock yarn knitted up in a multi-directional diagonal scarf. Sorry to say I don't have any yarn in that color for you.

I also like Deana's suggestion on ripping back and adding solid colors to match your sock yarn.

Chris Stusek said...

I have a small amount of that yarn left. less than half a ball that you can have.

Birgitta said...

Hello Sue
What a pity that your yarn is not enough for your scarf. You can probably try a similar yarn to continue, so you may use for it.
Now spring has come and we have such nice weather.

Anonymous said...

Hello from Anonymous. I've checked my stash and I only have very small dabs of another similiar Regia line, Jacquard. Have you thought to look on Ravelry for anyone who might trade or sell you some matching yarn? Good luck.

Life Looms Large said...

Thank you for looking in your stash and for remembering to come back and tell me about it!!

Honestly, until you posted your question this morning, I hadn't even thought about trying to locate more of the same yarn.

I'm going to mull over the idea.....maybe check out my local yarn shop....and try to figure out if Chris' partial ball of yarn could be enough to get me out of this mess!!

Thank you all for the ideas and for being generous with your yarn and your time!!


Sharon said...

Leigh's socks - that's my vote. Were they not the coolest?!