Saturday, April 18, 2009

Photography Exhibit

This morning we got a rare treat. There's an exhibit of photographs of famous writers at Phillips Exeter Academy. This morning, the photographer, Nancy Crampton, spoke about her photographs.

Sculpture outside Lamont Gallery at PEA (Science Center in background)

We both loved the talk, loved the exhibit, loved the photos. The exhibit includes photos of writers and a few paragraphs where each writer tells a story or shares thoughts on life and writing.

Photographs on Display in Lamont Gallery

I think you'd like the exhibit too if you like photography, writing or art. Check it out while it's here (until May 9)!! (Exhibit details can be found here.)

View of the quad outside Lamont Gallery

Phillips Exeter is a private boarding school in Exeter, NH for grades 9-12. Many PEA students go on to attend top tier universities.


buyathread said...

Sounds like a fascinating show. Even more fascinating (and revealing) if the writers were photographed in their own environments, and from the photos on the website, it looks like they were. There's a wonderful book of photos called "The Writer's Desk" by Jill Krementz. If it's in your library, take a look at it.

Life Looms Large said...

Many of the writers in the show were photographed at their homes or in their studies, but some writers were in transit when she caught up with them - so her stories of how she got some of the photos were interesting!

Thanks for the book recommendation. It looks like an interesting book...and I'm in luck because my library has a copy!! I'll check it out next time I'm in town!


Theresa said...

Dang! Another interesting exhibit that will be gone before I arrive.

Notes from Nicki said...

Thanks for the great photos of Boston. They brought back wonderful memories. As a kid, I used to live in a suburb of way different than Southern California! I think I took that same trail you did through the city.