Monday, April 6, 2009

Lovely Liisa

Houston, we have lift-off!!

I finally started weaving on my Toika Liisa. I'm loving it!!

I fell inexplicably in love with this loom, even before I saw it in person, and now that it's refurbished and in my studio, I just love it!!

The most helpful pieces of advice I received were:
  • Make sure everything is parallel when tying up a Toika (lamms, shafts, treadles). A Toika differs from a Glimakra in that regard - and much of the information available online is for Glimakra looms. (Thanks Su Butler!)
  • The warp threads should run through the center of the heddle eyes when you start to weave. (Thanks Janice Zindel!)

I was pleasantly surprised to find that this loom is more comfortable to dress than my Baby Wolf. I guess because it's so big - I'm not leaning over or doing things at weird angles.

I definitely need to go to "Texsolv Heddle Management" class - because I'm not used to them yet - even though I did find them easier to thread than the stainless steel heddles I've used previously.

I'm sure I'll post with more details about the loom and more details about the project on the loom - but for now I just wanted to quickly tell you all how happy I am to finally be weaving on it!!

Well, I'll post more if I can tear myself away from the loom. It's lure is almost irresistible!!

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Hilary said...

It is gorgeous.......!!!! Beautiful loom.
And what a gorgeous light filled place to weave!
Lucky you.

Susan said...

Congratulations on tromping the treadles at last! I understand the strong urge to weave... you have been very patient!
Lovely weaving space...


charlotte said...

Congratulations! Toika is known for quality. Your weaving studio looks really lovely.

bspinner said...

Congratulations on a job well done. Beautiful loom!!! Your studio is a lovely well lite room. I can see why you love to weave it it.

From Pennsylvania to New Hampshire both beautiful states.

Theresa said...

YaaHoo! Good for you Sue, so nice to that beauty
being used and loved. And I second everyone's comments on what a lovely space you have to weave in.

Alice Coppa said...

That looks like fun! Good work, the loom looks beautiful. I have seen a Toika somewhere in my travels...Earthguild maybe.

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks guys!!! I am so happy to have the first two shafts on the loom, and to be able to weave on it!

I am very lucky to have such a great weaving space! It's the room over our garage. It was unfinished space when we moved into the house, but Jim figured out how to add the gable where the Toika is now, and had contractors come and finish the room. What a great husband!!

(OK - it's true that I've always had a room to contain my creative messes ever since we started living together 20 years's just that this version of that room is light and airy and a joy to inhabit!)

Alice, I think you're right - Earthguild is a Toika they probably have Toika's there.

Weave on!!


Dorothy said...

Hurray! I knew you'd love it ;)

I must go and wind a warp...

terry byers said...

I also am having trouble setting up my Lissa. Can you tell me how high off the floor the hinged side of both sets of lamms and treadles are.