Thursday, September 24, 2009

Boulder History Museum

My last stop in Boulder was the Boulder History Museum. The museum is housed in the Harbeck-Bergheim house built in 1899 in an eclectic style.

Beautiful architectural details included this fancy front doorknob

and stained glass window.

When I was planning my trip, I somehow got the idea that they had a lot of textiles or costumes or something cloth-related at the museum. I didn't get that quite right, but it was an interesting museum - and I did find one bit of cloth that was probably handwoven. (I should note that despite looking around this entire display, I didn't find one word about this cloth. I'm telling you everything I know about it!)

By the end of all of this exploring, I was too tired to make my planned trip to historic downtown Boulder, or to Gypsy Wools. Maybe next time!

Photos with permission from Boulder History Museum.

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Delighted Hands said...

The textiles are just beautiful-they tell you so much of what was important to people of long ago.