Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Plymouth Mountain

Jim had business to attend to in Plymouth, NH today.

Bailey and I tagged along to enjoy the beautiful sunny day.

We all took a short hike up Plymouth Mountain (3 miles round trip, 894 foot elevation gain).

Purple Flowering Raspberry

I'd never noticed this plant before. Very pretty! Also known as Thimbleberry.

Trail marker

I secretly like that we're following a trail marked by a black wolf stencil!

Trillium Fruit

Bailey loves water - look how mucky he is!

He thinks he can catch frogs.

Short scramble up these rocks

Bailey poses on rocks along the trail

False summit

First we arrived at this false summit. We had to continue down and across for another 10 minutes to find the summit marker and views!

I'm happy to report that even at elevations over 2000 feet, it is still green. Fall hasn't arrived yet in the New Hampshire mountains!

Mountain views to the north

Lake views to the east

Bailey enjoys the view

Bunchberries in moss

Roots and moss


Edible and in the same family as the dogwood. (I didn't know they were edible until tonight....otherwise I would have done a taste test today!)

Bailey saw a frog in this stream and would have stayed all afternoon to capture it.

Of course, I was on the frog's side.....so we moved on!

But not before Bailey searched the stream for the frog.

It was behind him.


sheilabythebeach said...

What scenery! It looks like you are the only person for hundreds of miles. And what a lucky dog to go for adventures in the woods with stenciled black wolves showing the way. Lucky you too! Your photos make me so hungry for quiet greenery!!!!

Theresa said...

Gads, that's an awesome view. What a perfect day trip indeed. I'm with the frog too. Bailey got all the fun of the search and the frog got to "croak" for another day.
Bad pun I know. :-)

Sharon said...

Beautiful colors. It must be spectacular in the Fall. How funny that Baily likes frogs - must be why he lays down like one.

Delighted Hands said...

What a wonderful day-the scenery was breathtaking!

Colleen said...

Beautiful - looks like a fun hike! Our dog loves to chase toads in our yard - but our cat is the only one who's caught one so far!!

Debbie said...

How beautiful! And Bailey seems to be thoroughly enjoying himself!!! Makes me want to get out for a fall hike myself, maybe a trail ride with my horse. Thanks for the wonderful photos!

bspinner said...

I am so happy you take the time to share your pictures with us.


Looks like Bailey's having a great time.

Jennifer said...

Oh ho! What fun Bailey had in the mud! Shadow would be there roght with him! The pictures were excellent. A beautiful day!

charlotte said...

Beautiful pictures! Are the pink raspberries edible?

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for visiting and commenting!

We were pretty much alone on the mountain yesterday. We had to drive for several miles on dirt roads, and ours was the only car at the trailhead. When we were at the part of the mountain with the views, we could hear voices. We thought maybe a group was approaching on other trails, but we never saw anyone!

That's funny that Bailey lies like a frog and hunts frogs. I'd never made the connection before!! I'm glad Bailey's hunting prowess isn't as good as a cat's. I would hate it if he actually caught anything!

I forgot to mention that the raspberries are edible. I didn't try them (and didn't see any actual berries), but if I find that plant again, I'll have to sample them!

Our gorgeous stretch of September days continues....My favorite time of year here!