Friday, September 25, 2009

The Stichin' Den, Estes Park, Colorado

On my way to pick up Jim from the end of his wildlife photography class, I stopped at The Stitchin' Den downtown. I took exactly one picture.

How could I have missed my chance to take photos of so much?
  • 2 shop dogs with knitted striped scarves around their necks
  • Great sample projects
  • Beautiful Colorado yarns
  • 3 or even 4 rooms of yarn, fiber, stitchery and fun
Sheesh!! Where was my brain???

In my defense, I knew we'd be in Estes Park for a few more days, and Jim's class got out about 15 minutes early. I didn't get to spend enough time in this great yarn shop.

I had low expectations for this store, thinking that it would just be very touristy and small. I loved it though. They had great projects that would really fit into my life well. The two that still haunt me are some felted slippers with very thick soles and a cross between a cardigan and a jacket knit in very thick wool. Both of those projects would have totally fit into my life in NH.

Unfortunately for my yarn-loving self, we were so busy with hiking and wildlife watching the rest of our time in Estes Park, that I didn't make it back to this shop, and didn't get to buy anything.

So sad!!

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