Wednesday, September 2, 2009


This week at Digital Photo School, the assignment is "Weather".

In New England, we often have big weather - and we think about weather, talk about weather, and watch forecasts more than people with more predictable weather.

But this assignment arrived during a time of gorgeous weather. The entire forecast has been sunny in the 70's (the 20's C). Perfect fall crispness.

We did have a stormy and rainy Saturday, so I ventured out to take some pictures of rain.

Thoughts about photography in the rain:

The drops hanging on the overhang of our porch looked really pretty in the subdued light, but it was hard for me to capture.

Plus, afterward when I was cropping this picture, I noticed a bunch of black gunky stuff on the white wood of the porch....but it isn't raining any more so I can't go re-shoot.

The nice blurred background in this case wasn't on purpose - but I do like it. I guess the rain between the porch and the trees did its own blurring.

This picture was challenging as well. I shot this picture of the flowers through rain pouring off our roof. The light streaks in this picture are rain.

I'm not crazy about either of these rain pictures....I definitely need more practice.

When I started blogging, I had trouble photographing everything.

Now, when it's something that doesn't move, that's smaller than me, and that's in my house, I can usually take a picture that communicates what I want it to.

When there are moving parts and elements that I really have no control over (weather, Bailey, people at the beach, etc to infinity), I'm at the very edge of what I'm capable of right now. I can sometimes take a shot that I just love and other times I look at all my pictures and don't love any of them. This week's assignment leaves me with nothing that I love.

One thing that's really nice about photography is that you can create hundreds of pictures in a single day without too much trouble.

Now we're blessed with more perfect late summer New England weather.

Notice that I'm not conceding to fall quite yet!


Theresa said...

Lucky! I can imagine the change in the feel and smell of the breezes now. Fall! You did a great job with the pics even if they don't send you.
I left you some info on the knee thing in the comments under yours.
It's still lobster season though!!!! ;-)

Wool Enough said...

I like the second shot best. It's the way the trees frame that huge hulking cloud, and especially the way your pic shows the variety of shades of white/gray/etc. in the cloud.

What sort of camera are you using?


Delighted Hands said...

I really like the pic with the raindrops on the captures and inspires a mood.

Jennifer said...

Stick it out girl! You'll get better at what ever you put your mind to! I do like the raindrops on the porch picture. That took some doing and a little seredipity. It is great with digital to be able to burn up pictures. Maybe that's it - with the areas that you are not pleased - you just need to take more. There's an element of chance with things that move and change. With the professional session on photgraphing Shadow - she took about 400 shots in an hour and a half. I think you're doing great! Don't give up!

charlotte said...

New Hampshire sounds like Norway: We also discuss the weather constantly and check the weather forecasts, and we have a lot of weather as well! Beautiful pictures!

Life Looms Large said...

Thanks for the encouragement!!

I liked that hulking cloud so much that when I saw it I ran out to take its picture.

For most of my pictures, I borrow Jim's camera which is a Canon 40D. Sometimes, if I'm somewhere I don't want to lug a big camera, I use a Sony Cybershot. It's small, but it can't possibly do as good a job as the big guy!

I'm glad that the raindrop picture came out as well as it did. I definitely need to learn more about what to look for when there are lots of moving parts. And shoot more pictures of course!

Jennifer, thanks for the 400 pictures per Shadow photoshoot statistic! That really helps to know that a professional photographer shoots so many pictures. I know that with practice, I'll be able to take pictures of other sorts of things and be happy with them.

That's funny that in Norway weather is also a big topic of conversation. I think it's because around here, weather can make you totally change your it's good to know what's going on with it. My sister-in-law who's lived in California for many years now always thinks it's funny that we talk about weather when she comes back to visit. (In turn, I think it's funny that she misses rain!)

Thanks for your thoughts and encouragement!! I really appreciate it!