Sunday, September 6, 2009

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Hope you're having a good weekend full of good friends and good food!

At a friend's house today, I was able to get the definitive answer on that giant mushroom from our yard. It is not edible, at least not according to this book. (I actually couldn't decide which of two species it was, but neither was edible.)

After a dinner conversation that included discussions of history and of TV shows we watched growing up, somehow the host's childhood bedspread from a favorite TV show was brought out.

I had to take a picture for all you textile lovers out there!! The bedspread was chenille, and the figures also seemed to be chenille. Too funny!

When a group of weavers brings out textiles, or ooohs and aaahs over dishtowels that seems normal to me.

But today, it was a group of "civilians"....

Happy weekend!


Theresa said...

LOL, I would have liked one of those bedspreads myself! Now I've got an earworm on the theme song to the show too. :-)

Life Looms Large said...

And here I thought I was being so merciful, not including that song in my post at all!!

Although now that you mention it, I am kind of humming it in the back of my head.

We're hiking today....I really hope that's not what's stuck in my head the whole time!


Delighted Hands said...

Too bad about the mushroom-it is still beautiful! The bedspread is perfect; so glad she shared it!

Hilary said...

My mother used to gather mushrooms as a child in England.
I would never dare.
Glad you were cautious.

bspinner said...

Does that bed spread ever bring back childhood memories. Guess every know what I'll be humming the rest of the afternoon.

Happy Labor Day to you too!!!!!

Life Looms Large said...

That Davy Crockett song is insidious, isn't it?!

I think mushroom collecting is more common in Europe than it is here.

Hope you all had great weekends!