Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Architectural Detail

At Digital Photography School this week, the assignment is "Architectural Detail."

I shot these photos walking in Portsmouth, NH on Sunday, October 24. By this week, most of the leaves have fallen.


Oldest House in Strawbery Banke
Notice the pointed gables and leaded glass windows

Popular dormer style on historic Portsmouth houses

One of the newest houses in Portsmouth
Reminiscent of the side porches in Charleston, SC

Chimney Topper

Governor John Langdon House
Covered with architectural details

I love how the arbor echoes the doorway.

They don't make window pediments like that any more!


Delighted Hands said...

Most of the community where I live is from the early 1900's and it is not so beautifully structured! Excellent historic details.

Theresa said...

Nope, they don't make millwork like most of what you've shown anymore and it's a damn shame! Beautiful shots Sue. Love the old gabled house. There are a few of them on the drive into Hamilton MA that every time I pass them I just want to buy the darn houses. :-) Not much for details here in the west but there are some lovely arts & crafts cottages that have been kept up or restored keeping the integrity of the period, at least outside..

Leigh said...

I'm especially interested in architectural details because we're working on our own house. It has it's own, but some things need repair or replacement, so I'm on the lookout for ideas!

Anonymous said...

The arched doorway with the arched arbor is perfect - very pretty!

lottiesloomroom said...

I really enjoy reading your posts about your photography course because I get to see fragments of the US and can compare it to what we see in the UK. Hope you're enjoying your course!


OzWeaver said...

I *love* architectural details! I take photos like this also. I really enjoyed seeing've given me some fun eye candy!


I loved your pictures wow such history!

Life Looms Large said...

We are lucky in New England to have so many historic buildings. It's funny because when I go to Europe I think we have barely any history compared to Paris or Rome.

I guess it's all relative!!

Glad you liked the photos! Especially since I'm skipping the next assignment. It's "The Economy", which is hard to photograph and not inspiring to me at all.

Or I think I'm skipping it. Maybe inspiration will strike.


Sharon said...

I love the dentilated cornices in picture one - I wish I could spell, but that doesn't diminish my appreciation for the picture.