Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I was drawing a blank with this week's Digital Photography School assignment, "Sound".

I started thinking about bells, and music and found a few subjects.

Organ at South Church, Portsmouth, NH
Flowers courtesy Slow Food Seacoast

Tiny bell around Bailey's neck
Helps us hear him in the woods & warns porcupines of his approach

Love using this stop watch!!!

Say I'm tackling something I really don't enjoy....set the stopwatch, work as fast as I can til the bell rings. Then I'm free again!! (Hmmmm....it's the sound of freedom?)


Theresa said...

That's a hard one! We have loud trees here, when the wind blows they make a very loud hushing sound and the tops sway like crazy. Some of the other things that came to mind where the few mice left in the barn scurrying, Sylvie's neck bell as she gets excited when I start to bring up hay. The sound of a car or truck in the dark of morning and of course, hooves moving on the ground, snorting and soft whinney's. Raindrops in water since sound moves out in a similar wave pattern.
Then there are the dogs barking.....:-)
The church is beautiful!

Leigh said...

That's a tough one. I'd be stumped too. But such a challenge is fun. Good choices.

Delighted Hands said...

I think it is a fun assignment-did you see any birds....?

charlotte said...

This was a very challenging and somehow contradictory assignement: sound in a picture! I think immediately of babies crying, people shouting, cars, tractors, a symphony orchestra,a rock band or an opera singer,... Your pictures are great as always!

Jennifer said...

What is the visual for sound??? That is hard, but one does wonder if the visual should make me hear something? Love the bell on Bailey - Shadow's tags do make a lot of noise and it helps me know where he is, but a bell... I also set alarm for tasks - mostly to keep from going too long and hurting myself!

Dorothy said...

I like the contrast between the grand organ in that large setting and Bailey's tiny bell.

Pictures to convey a message of sound is an interesting idea, you have found things we all recognise.

Life Looms Large said...

You guys thought of such good ideas! I can't believe I didn't think of a bird - especially because we have our bird feeder out now, so I see birds a lot!

Wind through the trees is one of my favorite sounds...especially a summer breeze while I'm taking a nap! Right now our trees are quiet though - no leaves and no high wind.

Of course I thought of the resident barker, but I didn't want to bring more of that into my life by commemorating it on my blog!!

Raindrops in water....good idea that I would never have come up with!!

I skipped last week's assignment because it was on "The Economy" and my only idea was to do a graph of some economic statistics using yarn. But then I decided I'd be better off blogging obsessively about my scarf!

Next week I have some cool ideas for the assignment, but we'll see if I can actually pull them off technically!!!

You guys have so many good ideas!! Thanks so much!


Sharon said...

Thanks. I bookmarked that site. Sound - how about birds? Ours are certainly noisy.