Sunday, November 22, 2009

Colors of November

A lot has changed outdoors in the last month. In October, when I took photos of color combinations in nature, I had many bright colors to choose from.

Now, in November, the palette has changed and the light is muted.

Oak and pine on a rare bright day

Hunting season "fashion"

Sumac and Pine

A few berries

Bailey drinking sideways

Bridge across the swamp

Swamp Edge


Wasp Nest

Wintergreen (I think)

Bailey running home

Nature Arranged

If you want to play too, please:
  1. Take photos of natural color combinations wherever you are
  2. Blog about it, including a link back to this post
  3. Put a link to your blog post here.

That way, we can go blog hopping and see colors all over the world!! If any of the pictures inspire us to make something beautiful, even better!

Last month:


Theresa said...

Nice selection of pictures. Love Bailey running home. That's quite a smile on his face. You both look great in orange and safer too!
Yes, colors are much more muted, the light has changed so much. Right now, dark is coming on quickly, shades of grey green and white, it's snowing...again. ;-)

Life Looms Large said...

The funniest thing about Bailey in that picture running home is that he was far ahead of us on the trail. I stopped to photograph some moss or something, and he came racing back toward me so I got different action photos of him.

I can't believe how much different it looks outside in just 3 weeks. I'm glad for these monthly posts just to commemorate the changes.

Glad that you're surviving your snowfall!! We still have another snow-free week forecast. Shocking!!

Stay warm!


Colleen said...

We took Mo-pug for a walk in the woods this weekend too - and turned back when we realized that none of us had our orange on - not a good idea right now to be out without it, we figured :)

Great pictures!!

Sharon said...

Great photos - thanks. Hunter season fashion would not be my pick for a color pathway :)

Leigh said...

I love the subtle colors too. I love the idea of linking colors around the world. We're in the middle of a rain system though, so I won't be getting out with my camera soon. Maybe December?

cyndy said...

Great post, Sue!

Wonderful photos, and the nature arranged at the end of the post is perfect!

I will be back to link when I get some time to wander (soon I hope!)

Delighted Hands said...

Nice challenge to join in the monthly nature colors......I might play along=we certainly have a contrast right now from my yard!
Bailey is the star of the photos!

charlotte said...

These are great pictures, and I take on the challenge! Do you have any frost yet? What kind of animals are hunted in your part of the world?

Colleen said...

Thanks for including the MckLinky - I linked to a post with a sunset photo that I took last week. Can't wait to see the pictures other folks share :)

Life Looms Large said...

I'm excited to see that some people will be joining in, and that Colleen already has put up a post - and braved the MckLinky!!

I think the grey, wet weather that Leigh is experiencing is heading in our direction for the rest of this week. (Or maybe the forecasters just like to scare us!)

In answer to Charlotte's questions, we have had frost, and there's often frost on the ground in the morning. (I did take a few frosty pictures for this post, but they didn't make the final edit.)

The reason I'm wearing blaze orange in the woods right now is that it's deer season, with rifles. (There's also a season for deer with bow and arrow and with muzzleloaders - which are some kind of gun that maybe doesn't shoot as far or as accurately as a rifle.)

There are also different seasons for wild turkeys, moose, bear, pheasant, small game and waterfowl. I only wear blaze orange during the gun seasons for deer - because that's when I hear gunshots daily. (Our property abuts over 1000 acres of woodland - so we sometimes see hunters when we're walking the dog.) It's mostly local people hunting and they hunt pretty responsibly.

In other parts of NH where I've lived or worked, I've seen some pretty irresponsible hunting behavior - and I stay out of the woods entirely in those areas during the season.

I'd love to see the colors of your part of the world!! Even combinations that aren't beautiful or inspiring to you, might inspire some one else!


bspinner said...

Your pictures are so pretty. I love fall and all the colors of the trees, fields and sky.

You're braver they I was. When we lived in our old home I wouldn't have dared take a walk during hunting season and I walked every day.

Your natural arrangement reminds me of my Mom. Every fall we would go for a weed walk so she could make a fall arrangement. Your's is lovely.

OzWeaver said...

Wonderful photos. Just have to tell you that my favorite is the brige across the swamp!

evelynoldroyd said...

This is a great idea with links around the world! Hope more people join in. Evelyn

Jennifer said...

Great photos and excellent idea - I will get to this tomorrow when I have my camera and the computer in close proximity!

evelynoldroyd said...

yes moss is wonderful in spring and fall. I see the turkeys almost every day on my walks, but they don't stay still long enough for a photo. I have lots of fuzzy photos! I love your pond reflection shots - somethign about water. Evelyn

Life Looms Large said...


Thanks so much for joining in! And I'm really glad you put your location in the link. I probably should have asked everyone to do that!!