Saturday, November 7, 2009

Don't Agonize. Organize.

Don't Agonize. Organize. -- Florence Kennedy

Remember all of those sticks last spotted lying on the floor of our garage?

We wanted to be able to put my car back in the garage - especially after a day of running errands in the rain.

So the sticks (various loom parts) had to go up to my studio.

I felt like they were crowding me, and started figuring out what to do.

I asked Jim. He had the great idea of installing a shelf above the storage bins beside the studio staircase.

Voila - storage space for all those long skinny parts of my loom that I'm not using yet!

Thanks Jim!!! You're the best!


Restless Knitter said...

Oh gosh, I'm assuming he had to use a ladder on the stairs to hook that shelf to the wall. Makes my stomach flutter just to think about it. Great use of space though!

Anonymous said...

I love simple, elegant solutions! Well done Jim!!

Life Looms Large said...

I assure you, no husbands were harmed in the creating of this storage space!

The ledge with the boxes on it is about 3 feet wide (1 meter), so Jim cleared them off and could walk or crouch out there. I've even walked out there before - and heights are not my best event.

And I'm with you - a simple, elegant solution is great! I had been thinking of other more complicated arrangements, but when Jim suggested shelves and then put them up so quickly, I was really happy!!

May your warps behave!!


Theresa said...

Way to go Jim! Good idea and when those sticks are gone looks like more yarn storage space to me...;-)
I also love the quote as someone who likes to work anxiety out while organizing and futzing around I can identify with that one.

Dorothy said...

Wish I had a ledge like that and space for a shelf! I've been having a clear out and re-organise here, and appreciate the the sight of your neat boxes.

Delighted Hands said...

I love a storage space that even looks nice and you have it with this spot!

Life Looms Large said...

It's a good thing I have all that storage, but I've carefully positioned my photos so that you don't see the mess that's accumulated in my studio otherwise.

I'm going to remedy that by making that production assistant spend 15 minutes each morning this week cleaning up. (Aren't I a mean boss, of myself?)


Jennifer said...

What a great help! It's good to have a second pair of eyes to check things out!